Monday, March 16, 2015

Here Come the 2015 Bb Pilipinas Queens

After a grueling three hour show, the dust has settled and a new set of Bb Pilipinas queens has been crowned.

Congratulations to # 10 Pia Alonzo Wurztbach for finally clinching a crown and the top plum at that. She will now represent the country in the next Miss Universe Pageant. 

 L-R: 2nd RU Kimverlyn Suiza, Bb. Tourism Ann Lorraine Colis, Bb. Intercontinental Christi Lynn McGarry, Miss Universe Philippines Pia Wurtzbach, Bb. International Janicel Lubina, Bb. Supranational Rogelie Catacutan & 1st RU Hannah Ruth Sison
Candidate # 11 Janicel Lubina who earlier won the Best in Swimsuit and the Best in Gown awards settled for the Bb Pilipinas- International. # 19 Christi McGarry is Bb Pilipinas- Intercontinental. Bb Pilipinas- Supranational is # 25 Rogelie Catacutan & Bb Pilipinas- Tourism is # 24 Anne Lorraine Colis

Earlier yesterday morning, I posted in my lifestyle column in the Bohol Chronicle my prediction for this year’s Bb Pilipinas results. I listed # 11 Lubina, # 10 Wurztbach, # 19 McGarry # 28 Sison & # 24 Colis as the girls who would most likely get crowned tonight. 

Guess what? I got four out of the five as Bb Pilipinas titleholders! The fifth one snagged the 1st Runner Up position. This is the third straight year that I was able to guess correctly the girls who were most likely going to win the Miss Philippines- Universe crown

Congratulations to the winners!

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