Monday, March 23, 2015

Vote for Your Favorite 2015 Miss Philippines Earth- Bohol Candidate

The nine official candidates for Miss Philippines Earth- Bohol 2015 were presented to the Island City Mall shoppers last weekend during a special event of celebrity guest EX-PBB ALL IN HOUSEMATE Joshua Garcia
 Captivating & Charming Boholanas at ICM
Who stood out and got your attention during their ICM guesting? 
 The 2015 Miss Philippines Earth- Bohol girls with Joshua Garcia

To generate more excitement & more fan interaction in the said pageant, Your Blogger is inviting blog visitors and regulars to take part in our special poll on who is the fan favorite to win the first – ever Miss Philippines Earth- Bohol Pageant.

The poll will not, in any way, affect or have a bearing on the final results of the pageant.

Look for the list of names on the upper right sidebar of this page then click on the spaces that correspond with the names & towns of your favorite candidates. You can vote for as many girls as you want. Support your favorite candidates

Have fun!

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