Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thank You Silka for the Beautiful Memories

When K&N Productions took over the staging of the annual search for Miss Silka Bohol, never did we realize its impact on young Boholanas who see the search as an opportunity for something bigger whether as a stepping stone for fame & fortune or to enhance their potentials and boost their self- confidence.

Minutes before the show 

Having met the girls and getting to know them a little better has allowed us to see them not as faces with tag numbers but as individuals with different stories to tell. As the pageant progressed and neared its eventual conclusion, we were silently rooting for all of them with mixed emotions. We felt elated because we saw how they had improved tremendously but felt sad at the same time for we all knew that not everyone would make it.

Be that as it may, no matter which side of the coin you’re going to see, everyone is a winner for we all learned from the experience. From the girls to the make up artists, from the sponsors to the organizers, every one picked up a few things that we could apply later on to whatever we are doing or would be pursuing in the near future.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have met these girls and discovering their uniqueness & talents: I found out that the prim & proper Rhea Mae Antigua is a very eloquent girl who can express herself well in English. I foresee her as a future spokesperson or emcee. Mertsh Pedroso is gifted with a singing voice. Reah Aceron would be perfect as a model and even Maria Andrea Laniba. Verns Opada is a dedicated & well- mannered girl who wows me with her sincerity and warmth. The same with Cyrel Balantocas

Will tell you more about the girls in a future article

The lights may have dimmed, the cheers may have died down and the confetti may have been swept away and all of those involved have gone on with their own lives but all the beautiful memories will linger. We have begun to miss the girls, the make up artists, the parents and the fans but we all know that we are going to be there for one another

The crowning of Miss Silka Bohol 2014 is not the culmination but the start of Marain Grace Malubay’s mission: to bring home Bohol’s first Miss Silka Philippines crown! Join me as we update you with her journey towards the Miss Silka Philippines 2014 crown. For details, visit the official FB page  

On behalf of K&N Productions, thank you to Cosmetique Asia Corp, makers of Silka beauty & skin care products, for making it  possible for our young ladies because Miss Silka Philippines is living up to the brand’s vision of celebrating & recognizing homegrown Filipina beauty by embarking on wider and more extensive provincial and regional searches to discover beauties with potential

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