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2003 Miss Bohol Sandugo: Fatima Rana

She would always be remembered as the only Miss Bohol Sandugo titleholder to have won over a future Bb. Pilipinas titleholder. So who is she? Let's backtrack first and go back to July 12, 2003


Finally, after being staged at the Holy Name University Gymnasium, considered by many as home to Bohol's most prestigious beauty competition for so many years and as far people can remember, its only home save for one or two editions when the pageant was staged at the Bohol Cultural Center and at the CPG Sports Complex, Miss Bohol Sandugo and Holy Name University parted ways.

Both the pageant and the venue had led parallel lives since their inception.

Just like the pageant which had changed names from Miss Bohol to Most Beautiful Boholana to Miss Young Bohol to Mutya sa Bohol then to Miss Bohol Fiesta Islands before becoming what has been known as Miss Bohol Sandugo for the past 20 years, the venue had also changed names from Holy Name College to Divine Word College before finally becoming Holy Name University, Bohol's leading Catholic learning institution

That year, Miss Bohol Sandugo bid farewell to Holy Name University and said hello to Bohol Wisdom School, its new home but the hoped for long and stable relationship would abruptly end after three years.

Those three years however would always be considered as some of the best editions in the pageant's history.

Well, some good things never last.

There were 13 official candidates and getting the loudest buzz were:

Sixteen year old Anna Maris Igpit, the tall and exotic Boholana whose participation was sponsored by the Montero family's Alona Tropical Beach Resort and the Dumaluans' eponymously named resort both in Panglao, Bohol

Sheena Marie Cubillo, the very pretty and brainy Calape charmer whose poise, personality and elegance during the Miss Calape Pageant were talked about even before the Miss Bohol Pageant started

The very charming and very candid Fatima Rana whose bedimpled smile never fails to light up the stage 

and Miss Tagbilaran 2004 Rhoda Lee Ligan who exuded not only elegance and grace onstage but also noted for her facility with the English language which she speaks in a calm and modulated manner

 Thirteen ladies. One crown 
The opening number is considered as the next most important part of a beauty pageant next to the final question and answer portion

This is where the crucial first impression on the candidates are made and done by the judges and audience alike and most often than not, this is the part that effectively seals the fate of the girls going into the next phases of the competition.

With so many beautiful girls onstage, one has to stand out to get noticed by the judges
After the Opening Salvo which included the introduction of the candidates, the first set of special awards was given
 Fatima Rana 

Finally, the much- awaited Swimsuit Competition where the two piece or bikini will be making its second official appearance in Miss Bohol pageant history

The Swimsuit Competition has always been the main target of feminists and radicals who have been branding pageants as exploitative and degrading to women

On the contrary, the swimsuits are empowering and liberating to women for it gives them the liberty to be in control and to be comfortable with their bodies.

Rather than cater to the baser and more prurient interest among men, the swimsuit competition actually highlights physical fitness and showcases the beauty and symmetry of womanhood  with the candidates who actually take care of themselves being amply rewarded

Adjudged Best in Swimsuit was the curvaceous Sheena Marie Cubillo of Calape

 Miss Jagna wins her second special award: Miss Photogenic

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Rio Bernados 

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