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Unforgettable Miss Bohol Sandugo 2012: Idy Casenas Cagas

On July 20, 2013, Idy Casenas Cagas will be passing on the Miss Bohol Sandugo crown to another lovely and lucky Boholana who will continue the legacy of beauty, brains, grace, charm and humility that will forever define the contemporary Boholana

Idy became the fifth Jagna-anon after Tiffany Yap 1990, Recelle Adlaon 1991, Celevel Ranoco 1992 and Faye Rana to win the Miss Bohol Sandugo crown. 

Her journey towards the crown was not without its obstacles and challenges. 

She often had bouts of dizziness and got sick because of her low blood pressure. 

When word got around that she didn't have the official support from the local government, a lot of well- meaning Jagnaanons led by Sir Antioco Lloren dug into their own pockets to extend financial support to her. 

The groundswell of support grew and the rest is history

2006 Miss CVRAA

Her first foray into pageantry started in 2006 when she was crowned Miss CVRAA (Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association) after besting a field of taller representatives from the provinces of Siquijor, Cebu and Negros Oriental (she represented Bohol) as well as the candidates from Region 7 component cities 

Her answer to the final question that clinched her the crown:

Question:  If you were to choose between beauty and brains, what will you choose and why?  

Idy's Answer: For me beauty without brains is nothing and beauty and brains would be nothing if the attitude is bad


The audience reacted with a deafening roar when Idy gave this answer. 

Idy became nervous with the crowd's reaction thinking she said the wrong thing not knowing that while she was giving her answer, there was the unbecoming and unladylike spectacle of two candidates who were openly showing their mutual dislike for each other by getting physical onstage infront of the stunned audience and dumbfounded judges. 

It turned out that unwittingly and indirectly, she was reminding the two girls and everyone in the audience the essence of a beauty queen

Idy was only 16 years old that time.

Miss CVRAA 2006: Dumaguete City's Beauty Gonzales, a former ABS CBN's PBB 
Teen Housemate was a runner up 
2011 Miss USJR Personality Search

Her next major win was her selection as Miss College of Commerce thus earning the right to be the official bet of her college for the 2011 Miss USJR (University of San Jose Recoletos) Cebu personality search

She finished a strong 1st Runner Up


It was a glorious moment when she was up there on her huge float that highlighted the 2012 Sandugo Festival Street Dancing & Floral Parade. 

For her, it was not her that was basking in the glory but her town. She dedicated her victory to her townmates who motivated and inspired her to go for the gold. 

Truly, a proud moment for Jagna-anons


Idy did her share in promoting the natural beauty and rich history of God's Little Paradise called Bohol

I am a fresh graduate from the University of San Jose – Recoletos with a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Tourism. Inspired by my college professor, I am an environmental advocate and in my own little ways, I help in painting the world green again.
I have been into beauty pageants since 2006, from competing to judging, and recently I have co-hosted some pageants in Bohol. 
Based on my personal experience I believe that beauty pageants should be a positive experience in every woman’s life. It should be a character building experience, where we are able to draw lessons that can enrich our personhood. 
At present, I am based in Cebu City and is working as a front desk receptionist for one of the hotels here


A real beauty queen is someone who embodies not only physical beauty but also inner beauty, grace under pressure and strength of character

So when I saw and read this message from Idy to the people who have been with her in her quest for the Miss Bohol Sandugo crown, the more that I got impressed. 

You see, behind every beauty queen's success are the very loyal trainors/ beauty consultant/ hair & make up artist/ catwalk mentor/ confidante/ BFF all rolled into one. 

So here's Idy's tribute to the important people who were with her right from the start

"Throwback before my reign ends, ^_^ Julius Ranises & Nino Janry Cadelina. Two people who believed in me right from the start and were willing to support me morally and financially for the pageant.. Yes, it all started when they encouraged me to join.  

I had so many doubts and fear, but still said yes to them. With full support from them and from my family, I made it to the screening and my journey towards the Miss Bohol Sandugo crown officially started. Words will never be enough to express my gratitude to them"

From only two, the number of people who supported me in my Miss Bohol Sandugo journey grew.   With the help of Sir Antioco Lloren, Jagnaanons contributed cash which I used during rehearsals as my allowance and for the other expenses. 
It was overwhelming and I could not thank them enough. The Jagnaanons who extended their help in my journey were my inspiration. Their support made me feel like a winner already and it motivated me to strive harder to win the crown.
And finally to her family especially to her Ate Iris Cagas Sanchez 

Thank you for always being there for me, for pushing me to join beauty pageants, literally pushing me to join, lol! I am where I am now because of you.. Had you not pushed me (literally) maybe I would still be hiding inside my shell until now.. You are the best stage yaya, i mean stage ate, I love you sis..  
Good Luck in Your Future Endeavors Ms Idy Casenas Cagas!

Photo Credits:

Emerson Pinos Photography
J.O.Agunod Photography
Photographers: Sir Judd Gesite & Sir Noel San Andres
Hair and Make up Artist: Rio Bernados
Assistant: Gales Quaquin Joven
Filipiniana Gowns Courtesy of Ate Louella Gulle Bantol

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