Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fearless Forecast for Miss Bohol Sandugo 2013

Reigning 2012 Miss Bohol Sandugo

This year's Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant is one of the toughest so to speak. 

More than half of the candidates actually deserve to be crowned as the 2013 Queen of the annual sandugo Festival. 

So who just might be the successor of Idy Casenas Cagas' crown?

For this blog feature, I'm giving way to a guest blogger who goes by the moniker "Beachy Twinkle". 

Twinkle's comments and opinions are always spot on and she has always been honest 

So here is Beachy Twinkle's prediction list and assessment of the so- called favorites:

" Actually I have lots of favorites this year.  

MISS CATIGBIAN's facial beauty is not really outstanding but her demeanor and the way she carries herself makes her truly beautiful, there's a sure spot for her tonight. 
Shereen is ready to steal the crown tonight from anyone who crosses her way. 

MISS  ALICIA is also a strong contender a complete package beautiful, intelligent and sexy, it's not every day that we see a Miss Bohol who possesses all three qualities. 

MISS GUINDULMAN is everybody's favorite and she deserves all the FB likes Guindulman might be getting their second crown tonight. 
She has modeling experiences plus her being onstage in so many events would surely help her tonight. 

MISS LOON has a beauty that is so serene that you would describe her as angelic but of the most beautiful faces this year, for me she is bordering on being boring. 
I have a bad feeling that she might not reach the final interview but maybe her beauty would save her. 
I still love her though. 

MISS BACLAYON is the most beautiful facially. 
For me, her classy and regal beauty is so hard to ignore. 
I know it's not an issue but her lack of height when she stands side by side with the other contestants might hurt her chances. 

MISS TALIBON is under the radar, she is my dark horse this year. 
She could give the most disappointment to all the favorite girls by being crowned tonight which is a very big possibility. 

MISS PANGLAO is the most queenly among the candidates. 
Her freshness and elegance plus her excellent communication skills would surely get her noticed and recognized tonight. 
I couldn't conclude how she would end up tonight but she will surely deliver. 

I also like MISS DAUIS and the candidates from ROYAL BUSINESS CLUB and BOHOL TABLE TENNIS CLUB.  

 I could be right or I might be . 

This is not an expert's analysis but just a personal view. 

There is even a possibility that one or two of the girls who are not mentioned here might spring a surprise and be crowned Miss Bohol Sandugo 2013!"

So there goes the analysis and the gut feet of Beachy Twinkle. 

Will her predictions and her choices match that of the judges? 

In the end, being crowned as Miss Bohol Sandugo doesn't mean being the prettiest or the smartest or being the most talented. 

Timing, luck and destiny play an important role also. 

Let's find out later how everything would play out according to what is written in the stars

See You All! 

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