Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2013 Miss Bohol Sandugo Evening Gown Highlights

The Evening Gown Competition proved to be the most elegant part of the competition. It was a stylish and elegant tribute to the contemporary Boholana. Overall, there was an upgrade in the choice of gowns. There were the usual fashion blunders as well as the appearance of a risque type of gown. 

Judging the Best in Evening Gown was based on class & elegance, fashion flair, poise & charm and the overall impression. 

I agree that the recipient of the Best in Gown award should be chosen based on how well she carried the gown and not the other way around although the choice of gown can also make or break a candidate's chances in the pageant because it reflects the personality of the girl as interpreted by the designer who executed the creations

Here are some of the highlights from the Evening Gown Competition

Miss Dagohoy
Miss Panglao
Miss Antequera
Miss Bohol Tennis Club
Miss Baclayon
Miss Great Minds
Miss Royal Business Club
Miss Bohol Island State University
Miss Catigbian
Miss Cortes
Miss Corella
Miss Talibon
Miss Marcela Farms
Miss Sierra Bullones
Miss Guindulman
Miss Loon
Miss Dauis
Miss Alicia

Best in Gown :Miss Dauis Elaine Cimafranca in an EJ Relampagos creation
Photo Credits:

Mr. Ric Obedencio

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