Saturday, July 13, 2013

Today Is My Blog's 10th Monthsary!

It all started as an offshoot to a boring weekend with nothing much to do except go over my journals of doodles and piles of half- finished roughdrafts and jumbles of scribblings that masqueraded as futile attempts and hopeless jabs at literary prowess and journalistic greatness

Then a thought came over me: Instead of moping around and fretting about the what could have beens and the what should have beens, why not make my long- cherished dream of having my own blog become a reality? 

As I always pointed out to my college English writing classes, a blog which is a contraction of the words web and log, is an avenue for self- expression 

Ten months and 192 blog features later and after surpassing the five digit mark in blog views and visits, I am still at it and trying not only to polish my writing skills but also to blurt out and opine about people, events and places not only in Bohol but but also beyond the borders

And even though I do feel alone and at times think if I'm on the the right track mainly because comments and suggestions rarely make an appearance, I realize that my purpose now is to  be the conduit and link of Bohol with the rest of the world and to be the chronicler for news about Bohol with our hardworking paisanos who are hankering fro any news about God's Little Paradise

Once again, thank you everyone for dropping by, leaving a comment and sharing my blog to the rest of the netizens in our blogosphere


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