Sunday, July 14, 2013

Why Summer in Rural Bohol Is More Fun


I remember vividly how we spent our childhood summer vacations in a small tract of land in Brgy. Ilihan, Ubay, Bohol. 

Lolo Galicano "Nanong" Gatal Sr., the grand patriarch of the Gatal Clan had acquired some hectares of land not only for farming but also as a getaway from stressful urban living. 


We always looked forward to those amazing summer adventures; picking fruits straight from drooping tree branches that were groaning and straining from the abundance of fruits that were in season, learning how to ride on a carabao's back and swimming at the farm's mini- dam. 

But of course, nothing can ever beat those lazy afternoons spent at the open porch or veranda and being lulled to sleep by the gently swaying coconut palm fronds and the cool summer breeze while listening to those afternoon radio drama series

Imagine my unbridled joy and and pure unadulterated delight when I saw a series of sketches that depicted what I just shared about those simple days of yore. 


Felipe's Family: His World Revolves Around Them
So for this particular blog feature, I will share with you the sketches from Felipe Bautista Acolicol Jr, a Boholano expat who has been based in Saudi Arabia for almost two years now and working as a furniture and interior designer. Felipe's father is Felipe Acolicol Sr. of Roxas, Zamboanga del Norte and the former Cecilia Bautista of Inabanga, Bohol

I am very grateful that Jun, Felipe's nickname by the way, gladly said yes when I requested him for permission to share his sketches to the rest of the world. 

I am sure that it will elicit different reactions from our blog readers and will also evoke some wonderful memories. On hindsight, I also realize that sharing these sketches will also give people from other places a glimpse of our way of life and remind people on the joys from simple living.

Official Corporate Look

Again, my thanks to Felipe Bautista Acolicol Jr., of Del Mar, Mabini, Bohol who finished his BSIT Major in Drafting Technology at the Bohol School of Arts & Trades back in 1995 for sharing his talents. 

Wife Jocelyn Simbajon Acolicol and children Jennifer and Janelle must be proud of Jun



In a way, this feature on Felipe Acolicol Jr. is also my humble way of honoring and recognizing the lives of fellow Boholanos who are in faraway places for their loved ones and their families 

I just hope that somewhere in the arid deserts of the Middle East, I have made life sweeter and more bearable for one Boholano that I just featured in my blog 

God bless everyone1

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