Monday, July 22, 2013

Message of Love for the 2013 Miss Bohol Sandugo Girls

The flurry of hectic activities , the feverish preparations and the last- minute instructions leading to the Grand Coronation Night of the 2013 Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant  are now over and done with. 

The lights have dimmed, the confetti has been swept away and the applause has died down.

The spotlight and the intense scrutiny of media and the public are now focused on the brand- new Miss Bohol Sandugo. 

What about the girls who didn't make it? How are they coping? Are they heaving a sigh of relief now that it is all over? 

Will the pageant results dampen their spirits and be a big blow to their self -esteem and smash their confidence to smithereens? 

Browsing over the FB pages of some of the girls who competed last Saturday night was just heartbreaking. 

Scores of messages of love and support from their families, friends and fans can be read by one and all. 

I was so moved and touched that I am now dedicating this blog article to the Class of 2013 who can claim and recall years from now how at one point in their lives that they were a part of the annual celebration of Bohol's beauty and friendship

Here now is my FB Wall post which I am posting here in my blog I never expected it to receive a lot of positive feedback from FB friends. 

This is one solid proof that everyone is supportive of our lovely pageant aspirants and how we Boholanos always love and adore our beauty queens

To The 2013 Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant Girls: 
Don't you ever let the pageant results last night define who you are as a person 
Consider it as a phase in your life. An adventure. A learning experience. Hold your heads high for you all did a great job 
Remember, winning a beauty title doesn't mean you're the smartest not the prettiest. 
According to Margie Moran, the second Filipina to win the Miss Universe crown, it also involves Luck. Timing & Destiny plus the personal preferences and tastes of the judges.  
Lastly, always remember that you belong to a special breed of Boholanas for not everyone can be a beauty contestant.  

Finally, whether you made it or not, take time to thank your family and all the people who believed in you and helped you in your journey towards the Miss Bohol Sandugo crown because a real queen is someone who is gracious and knows how to look back with gratitude

So Cheers and Smile for God Loves You

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