Thursday, October 8, 2015

Aya is CIE Outstanding Academic Achievement Awardee

 graduated cum laude, Northwood University, 
Florida, USA, 2014
ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARDEE Meet 22- year old Amira Alia Paredes Montero, one of the outstanding alumni recipients for CIE’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. 

The recognition is being bestowed on the occasion of the Grand CIE World Alumni Homecoming & 30th Year Pearl Anniversary of the Centre for International Education (CIE), recognized as one of the country’s premier business & management schools.

A YOUTH LEADER & PUBLIC SERVANT Aya, as she is called by family and peers, is the founding president of the Panglao Youth Organization which has built a solid reputation for being supportive of youth empowerment, community involvement & leadership training long before she was elected as SK Panglao Federated Chair which gave her a seat in the town’s law- making body.

 with fiance Josh Nunez 

MISS PANGLAO FOUNDER She is also the founder of the six- year old Miss Panglao Pageant which empowers the winners and candidates to be catalysts for change and spokespersons for advocacy projects through the provision of seed money for the ladies’ projects. 

Lazada Philippines 

Having parents who are respected community leaders (her mom Nila Montero is the incumbent Panglao municipal mayor and dad Frank is an elected municipal councilor) and who have successfully managed the family- owned beach resort in Panglao have been a major influence in her career choices and have equipped her with astute decision- making tempered by a sensitivity and concern for the less privileged in her community.

Likewise, her belief that real education is only achieved when complemented by learning experiences acquired outside the portals of one’s school. Aya’s exposure to life’s realities even at such a young age developed her strong sense of devotion for the youth even more. 
 October 5, 2015 Awards Night,
Cebu Grand Convention Center

GRADUATED WITH HONORS, NORTHWOOD UNIVERSITY, USA Getting her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration major in Management, Cum Laude, Northwood University, Florida Campus in 2014 complemented by her proven leadership skills come in handy as she takes over the management of Alona Tropical Beach Resort.

 with fellow alumni awardee for Public Service, Hon. Jose Jono
Jumamoy, youngest
 mayor elected in Philippine history
at age 21 in 2007
HER PLANS FOR PANGLAO'S YOUTH Among her short- term plans and goals is to conduct livelihood skills training & providing employment priority to fellow Panglaoanons.

Indeed, beneath the coquettish and charming exterior of this young modern Boholana is a woman of steely determination who knows exactly what she wants for herself, for her family and for her beloved Panglao.

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