Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why Hillarie Won Miss World 2015


Hers is the type of beauty that every Filipino boy would introduce to Mama and rightly so for she is blessed with a perfectly symmetrical face and features that are classically beautiful. 

In fact, she does have a striking resemblance with the highly- respected Filipina beauty queen Shamcey Supsup.

Hillarie Danielle Ang Parungao, the 24 year old model from Solano, Nueva Vizcaya is the first full- blooded Filipina to win the Miss World Philippines crown ever since the Miss World Philippines franchise was awarded to Cory Quirino in 2011.

THE FOUR PRINCESSES Named 1st Princess was # 14 Marita Cassandra Naidas, 2nd Princess # 21 Mia Allyson Howell, 3rd Princess # 1 Ma. Vanessa Wright and 4th Princess # 12 Emma Mary Tiglao.
 L-R: 3rd RU  Vanessa, 1st RU  Cassandra, Miss World RP 2015 Hillarie,
2nd RU Mia & 4th RU  Emma

 Lazada Philippines

Having been given the opportunity to represent the Philippines in an international pageant, Hillarie parlayed the previous pageant experience into a winning strategy that made her dominate the national competition.  

Hillarie during the pageant finals & during the Press Presentation 
Along the way, she scooped four of the eight special titles and topped the Swimsuit, Evening Gown, Fashion Runway & Sports Challenge.  She also got the nod of the corporate sponsors by getting five of the nine sponsors’ awards. 

Some skeptics however question her communication skills and as a pageant critic pointed out, hers would pale in comparison to Mia Howell's candor & wit. But dear friends, contemporary pageants have slowly evolved from churning out inaccessible human Barbie dolls into showing how real & how genuine a beauty queen can be. 

The Q & A in today's pageants which have become more casual and more spontaneous in structure & content is no longer the "Be all & the end all" in deciding who gets the crown. Questions are now used not to measure intelligence but to determine emotional, mental & social maturity of a candidate.

Considered as the most dreaded portion of any pageant, the Q & A should be a pleasant & relaxing experience where the girls can show their engaging & charming personalities.


With the swimsuit competition to be scrapped from Miss World starting this year, focus would definitely be on facial beauty & overall performance and with Hillarie's impossibly perfect  visage and her being the total package, expect her to be installed as a frontrunner for Miss World 2015! 

Savor your victory Hillarie and bask in the adulation of an admiring nation.

Good luck and may you bring home the Philippines’ second Miss World crown.

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