Friday, October 2, 2015

Welcome to 29th M Street Cafe

STEPPING inside 29th M Street Cafe is like going back in time. It’s charm and attraction lies in part to its good old turntable that plays all those LPs (long play albums) & 45’s while dining or cooling off. 

The unpretentious restaurant/ cafe/ watering hole serves reliable and familiar home- cooked Boholano cuisine that is affordable and delicious. Its brightly- lit interiors radiates so much warmth and coziness the moment one enters the place
  TRIUMVIRATE Junel & Jawly Policianos & Bea Uy- Paraguya

Among its bestsellers are its to-die-for cupcakes & milktea. 
 Bea’s bestsellers
Thanks to Bea Uy- Paraguya, cousins Junel & Jawly Policianos for the warm welcome. Will definitely come back with friends in tow for more!
 It’s actually the second time around for these tourists from
Canada, Netherlands & Scotland

 REAL DEAL: turntable that still works! 
 LP's or Long Play Albums : blast from the past
 Nurse/ Chef Bea Uy- Paraguya

Check out 29th M Street Cafe along Marapao St just across the Red Cross HQ 

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