Thursday, October 15, 2015

We Remember the 7.2 Bohol Quake Today

A significant milestone for Your Blogger and an important day of remembering for Boholanos will usher in October 15, 2015
 Our Lady of Assumption Church, Dauis, Bohol
Today, Your Blogger gets to post his 1,000th blog feature. Yes, it’s true! A thousand posts since Your Blogger started his blog three years ago, on September 13, 2012 so that means an average of one post a day. Not bad at all for someone who’s not exactly known for writing great prose.

Today, we join fellow Boholanos in a day of remembrance for the day that was when the 7.2 Bohol temblor struck Bohol at around 8 in the morning. Thank God, the death toll was not that high. On hindsight, we have our brother Muslims to thank for since the entire country observed the Islam holiday Eid Al-Fitr. Imagine if there were classes and work that fateful day.

Exactly two years ago, we had pre- nuptial photo session for soon- to- be- wed Borgy and Glenda at the breathtakingly beautiful Our Lady of Assumption Church in Dauis, Bohol. We never had an inkling that something would jolt and disrupt lives that very day. Who would have thought? It was such a bright & beautiful day. Nothing could possibly mess up with our shoot. Everyone was in high spirits when we headed off to Dauis.

Your Blogger
  Lazada Philippines

Upon arrival, the photo and video crew members of ace photographer Dennis Saco of CIO Photography immediately started to set up their equipment. Hair & make up maven Kim Villamor & assistant Girlie were sorting out the gowns and accessories plus their hair & make up set.

We decided to start the shoot at Café Lawis at the back of the church since there was a necrological mass going on.

Just a few minutes before the photo shoot would commence, it happened. Click  HERE for the story.

During those harrowing days after the earthquake and after super typhoon Yolanda slammed the Visayas region, stories of heroism & selflessness soon started to surface. In between, random acts of scam artists also came out. 

Those were trying moments for Boholanos but we were able to bounce back not only because of our resilience but also because of our strong unwavering faith in God and trusting in the innate goodness of man.

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