Friday, October 2, 2015

Brace Yourselves for the Best Eyebrow- Raising Experience

It simply amazes Your Roving Eye when a young socialite arms herself with boundless energy & wraps herself with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Find out what  perky & vivacious fashionista Karla Tirol- Magno is up to after a very successful and talked- about eyebrow redo launching.
  One of Your Blogger’s Certified 100% Beautiful:
Karla Tirol- Magno

Check out the most inventive beauty experience at the Brow Clinic, Renaissance Salon & Spa , J.A. Clarin St, Tagbilaran City (by appointment)
Services Offered:
·         Brow makeover includes
·         Brow shaping
·         Mapping
·         Threading
·         Plucking
·         Trimming

·         Tinting for semi- permanent brows
·         Brow fix

For all the girls with all kinds of brow problems - thin, sparse, thick, overplucked, out of shape and simply bad eyebrows, Karla will help you in the eyebrow game from eyebrows that are eek to eyebrows on fleek!
  Check out the difference

And what exactly are “Eyebrows on Fleek”? Well honey, it’s when your eyebrows are perfectly groomed, trimmed, plucked and shaped. 

Honey, as every A-lister & certified fashionista flick on the fleek experience, make sure you join coz  everyone will crow about the best brows, now the hottest beauty makeover craze in town. 

Just browse through any of the latest beauty trend and you’ll get what I mean.
Toe the line now and sign up for Karla’s out- of –this –world  eyebrow- raising makeover!

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