Sunday, March 20, 2016

Antequera Celebrates its Basket Festival

ANTEQUERA BASKET FESTIVAL Thanks to my friend Joy Tibus, Your Roving Eye got the opportunity to visit her hometown Antequera last March 17, the town's most important day.

Joy explained to me that Antequera needed to promote their newly- established Basket Festival so that the following years would see a marked increase in attendance and participation. It was her way of complementing the efforts of the town LGU & private sector.

Here's the link to: Antequera: Bohol's Basket Capital
 FORD's Fabulous Females Floramae Dangoy & Joy Tibus
Known as the Basket Capital of Bohol, Antequera celebrated its 140th Foundation Day and highlighted the activities with the sophomoric staging of its Basket Festival aimed at showcasing its basket products, boost its tourism promotions and develop the talents & skills of its youth through its own colorful street dancing competition which drew huge crowds.   


 The Ford Ranger Wildtrak takes centerstage

 durable & enduring Tatay Billy Tongco
Lazada Philippines
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 Mayor Jose Pahang & the First Lady 

with Fr. Lemuel Canizares 

 with Sir Familiar, event organizer
 My Ideal Couple: Mai & Renel
 with Kag. Ritchie Tongco 

That's Kag. Cecille Rebosura  with the basket
Aside from its world- famous basket weaving industry, the town is also endowed with natural attractions, such as caves, springs & falls and is being developed as an adventure/trekking destination.  

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