Saturday, March 12, 2016

Loon is the Big Winner in Miss Philippines Earth Bohol 2016

Last year, it was Calape's Gayle Suzette Yu who was crowned the winner in the inaugural search for Bohol's official candidate in the Miss Philippines Earth Pageant. 

This year it's the neighboring town of Loon who shone the brightest and deemed the big winner in Miss Philippines Earth Bohol 2015 Pageant held a few hours ago at the Island City Mall Activity Center with 18 year old Charysse Jane Roferos, a BS Nursing student at Cebu Normal University, living up to her tag as Candidate # 1. 

The BS Nursing student from Cebu Normal University student indeed finished Numero Uno and earned the right to represent her town & Bohol at the national finals of Miss Philippines Earth 2016 on June 12.  

She will now have three months to prep up for the biggest challenge of her life!

Charysse Jane Roferos will be Bohol’s bet in the national finals 

Loon's dynamic duo were also the standouts in the beauty & poise segment of the pageant with Bretziel Laurel as Best in Swimsuit and Charysse as Best in Evening Gown.

Lady Arlia was also named Miss Talent and Rizalee was selected as Best in Interview and Best Eco Video

Charysse Jane

Rizalee: Miss AIR                                Lady: Miss WATER                          Bretziel: Miss FIRE

RUNNERS UP Tagbilaran City’s  Rizalee Rose Sempron Razo was named Miss Phil Earth- Air (1st RU) and Lady Arlia Lumantas was Miss Phil Earth Water (2nd RU) Hannah Mae Cimeni  of Dauis was Miss Phil Fire (3rd RU)

 Rizalee & Arlia are Mutya sa Tagbilaran alumni
 Your Roving Eye with Gayle Yu & Chanel Thomas

Lazada Philippines
 L-R: 3rd RU, 2nd RU, MPEB 2016, 1st RU
 Organizer Ritchel  Mutia,. Charysse, Gayle, Chanel & Ms Astrud
BOARD OF JUDGES Carousel Productions’s Intl Franchise & Branding Manager Director Astrud Margaret Schuck, reigning Miss Phil Earth Air 2015 Chanel Olive Thomas & top Cebuano fashion designer Edwin Alba composed the Board of Judges that determined who was the best embodiment of an Earth Warrior, a beautiful, caring defender & protector of Mother Earth.

Charysse has three months to prepare for the national pageant finals that has been scheduled on June 12, 2016

Instant Interview with Bohol's Best Bet

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