Friday, March 4, 2016

Boholano Graduates Get Ready for the Real World

While the old- timers, the baby boomers and the generations of HNU graduates were getting ready to take a stroll down memory lane during the Alumni Day of Bohol’s biggest Catholic learning institution, a different sort of activity also took place with members of the graduating college seniors taking part in the Mock Interview Session.

 With HNU student facilitators: Jojith Claire Bongcahig,
Gary Gem Alago  , Kirstel Mary Ann Cesar & Milyn Rosales
The HNU Guidance Office, the Alumni Association & the Society of College Seniors have been organizing the pre- graduation activity the last couple of decades to prepare the university’s graduates a feel of what job applicants do to prepare & hurdle the job interview process when they leave the portals of their Alma Mater and begin the challenging task of landing their dream jobs.

Your Roving Eye, along with the some of the school’s luminaries such as legendary stage thespian & alumni officer Mrs. Marietta Corales and Ma’am Remedios “Baby” Cardino, our motherly teacher who introduced me and a generation of high school seniors to the world of Physics where we discussed acceleration, velocity, speed and aerodynamics and who later on sat as High School Principal, sat down as interviewers with each of us assigned with graduates who were applying with job openings associated with the industry or career path we were in.
 Alumni luminaries Marietta Corales & Maam Baby Cardino lead the panel of  interviewers
As a media practitioner and as a university mentor who taught English grammar and Mass Communications major subjects, I had the chance to interview 15 graduating BA  Communication Arts students. After interviewing, grilling & subjecting each of them to almost 10 minutes (from the suggested four minutes) of a barrage of questions that made some squirm on their seats, I hoped that it was an eye- opening learning experience for them.
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  mugging for the camera after receiving my certificate
From across the table and as I was talking to the hopefuls, I saw a little of myself when I was their age. I was a dreamer then, a hopeless romantic and an idealist who had quixotic views of the world that he wanted to conquer. It has been a quarter of a century when Your Roving Eye left the portals of his Alma Mater and life has been an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Our new generation of graduates are so lucky to have these kinds of activities that prepare them for what is to come. During my time, we were so clueless and even when we had to go to imperial Manila for the final job interview hurdle, we never had an inkling on how it was going to turn out. We were SCS officers during our time (I was the VP then) so I always empathize with student leaders who organize these kinds of activities.

 with Baby Rara, my fave English mentor & later on a teaching buddy
In the end, it would all boil down to two important things: First, just be yourself and be full of candor & wit for interviewers can see through the rehearsed & phony answers. If we really have to believe everything that are splashed on resumes and cover letters, then we live in a perfect world where everyone is ambitious, driven, smart, confident, versatile, determined & willing to extend overtime services. 
  w/ teaching colleagues Professors Biloy, Cathy Napigkit & Jay Obenza
 with BS Psych student facilitator 
But this is not how the cookie crumbles and I, for one, always believe that perfection is boring and it is how to spot that diamond in the rough that can be polished into one valuable & priceless asset that is important in the job interview. So learn how to admit one’s flaws and imperfections because for some employers, it is your potential & not your performance that can be your ticket for entry into the world of professionals.

Finally, articulate and explain how it’s going to be a mutually- beneficial business & professional relationship with your potential employer if you will be a part of their business company.

As a parting shot, when you finally get that dream job of yours and you have made it, learn to look back where you came from and give back in gratitude!

Congratulations to the Class of 2016! Cheers graduates!

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