Thursday, March 3, 2016

Having the Best South Pacific- Themed Parties in Bohol

 tropical thirst- quenchers

The focal point for any South Pacific- themed events especially those that are staged here in Bohol would have to be the tiki bar, an exotic- themed drinking station or bar that serves mostly rhum- based cocktails or mixed drinks such as the rhum coke which if added with a twist of lemon becomes Cuba Libre! 

Other popular choices are the mai tai, the pina colada and other tutti- frutti mixed drinks. The tiki bars are decorated with art that is representative of the South Pacific & tropical island culture
  Kontiki Floating Bar
Until now, I still remember the legendary Kontiki Floating Bar in Boracay. Anchored some meters from the shoreline, going to Kontiki for a couple of drinks and to enjoy the sunset was quite a challenge. Going back to shore after getting a little tipsy and making sure not to step on those wayward sea urchins was even more challenging. 

This was back in 1992 when I made my first trip to Boracay and surely everything have become a blurred and dim memory of the summer of my life.     

And to make sure that your South Pacific- themed party would be talked- about for days,  do include a show- stopping Tahitian dance and a fire dance performance. Aside from regaling the guests not only with their scintillating and breath-taking performances but also with their colourful & eye- catching costumes and props, these are the elements that give the event its ambience and flair.

For Engr. Oua’s golden birthday bash, among the most talked- about highlights were the dance performances that include a fire dance, an upbeat Tahitian dance and a romantic Hawaiian dance. The solo fire dancer’s performance revolved with the poi, a pair of roughly arm-length chains with handles attached to one end, and bundle of wicking material on the other.  
  even the photo wall is going tropical!
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