Friday, November 15, 2013

From Chocolate Hills to Caramel Hills

It's been a month since a devastating earthquake struck Bohol

A collective groan escaped from everyone's lips when news came out that Bohol's iconic Chocolate Hills were not spared from the devastating tremblor 

I never had the chance to see how the hills looked after  

Two weeks ago, we went to Sagbayan, Bohol to do a damage assessment and help distribute some relief goods donated by generous souls from all over the world

On our way home from Sagbayan, everything and everyone was quiet inside the van driven by John Ompad. 

Understandable for we were all tired, hungry and sleepy and kept silent along the way when all of a sudden a breathtaking view greeted us

In a moment of inspiration, we made a stop and ran to the foot of the hills for some photos 

I realized that all my fears were unfounded. The Chocolate Hills would always jut out there for the world too see. 

And it is only now that the cliche "Beauty Is In the Eyes of the Beholder"

For some, the legendary hills were stripped of their beauty and permanently disfigured, but I only see beauty.

Photo Credits: Dennis Saco 

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