Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekend Warriors Help Bohol Quake Victims Rebuild Houses & Lives

Today, the Weekend Warriors of BRIDGES & Bangon Bohol were able to penetrate the inaccessible area of Brgy. Angilan in Antequera, Bohol

Brgy. Angilan which suffered losses in lives and properties welcomed the distribution of relief goods and medical supplies

University of San Carlos’ USC Mountaineers led by Sir Joel literally climbed mountains and got drenched from the heavy downpour to reach the remote barangay.

BRIDGES Founder Dennis Saco was there to document the relief efforts so that donors would know where the donations are being channeled and so that fellow volunteers would be updated of ongoing activities

It was heart- wrenching to see how they are coping but one can't help but rally behind them as they showed their gratitude with the smiles on their faces and the firm handshake and warm embrace 

Seeing the residents help the volunteers in repairing their damaged houses truly encapsulates the essence of what the Bayanihan Spirit is all about

Warriors, See you all next Weekend!

Photo Credits:

Dennis Saco

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