Sunday, November 3, 2013

How To Achieve Ara's Miss Universe Sexy Body

Ever wonder how our Filipina beauties manage to show up on the Miss Universe stage looking svelte and sexy and fit and fabulous? 

From Venus Raj to Shamcey Supsup then to Janine Mari last year and now Ara Arida

Here, we share you their secrets

Our Miss Universe bet Ariella Arida has been working out since winning her Binibini crown to achieve a well-proportioned physique in time for the Miss Universe Presentation Show which selects the semifinalists and hopefully, if Lady Luck is with her, also during the final round on November 9. 


The goal was to enhance all her curves in the right places, generally tone her musculature while still emphasizing a feminine physique.

Among her many preparations for Miss Universe is her diet and fitness routine. An avid sportswoman, Ariella loves sports and other activities that pump up her adrenaline levels. She has tried swimming, volleyball, biking, and running.

But for the Miss Universe pageant, Ariella stepped up her training with the help of her trainer, John Cuay, of Gold’s Gym. Cuay wanted Ariella to achieve a well-proportioned physique in time for her pageant stint in November. 

In other words, develop a well- defined muscle tone yet retaining and emphasizing a feminine physique



To get faster and better results, Ariella made it a point to complement her workout routine with a healthy diet. Cuay, her trainer, encouraged a well-balanced food intake that will help her achieve her workout goals. 

Fast food was a big NO NO and so with too much salt and sugar intake. Too much salt can lead to water retention which results in a bloated tummy which doesn't look good on the Miss Universe stage during the Swimsuit Competition

Fresh fruits and vegetables were recommended and lots of water intake

The Result of Months of Intensive Training
Yamamay Swimsuit Photo Shoot
Moscow Russia
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Emerson Cabanico
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