Friday, November 15, 2013

Bohol Rises Again


They say bad luck or misfortune happens in threes

Our beloved Bohol and her neighboring provinces had a spate of devastating and heartbreaking acts of Nature that cast a cloud of gloom all over the province

The first one of course was the killer tremblor last October 15 that toppled bridges and buildings, leveled off centuries- old churches and disrupted thousands of lives.

Superstorm Yolanda came breathing down our necks on November 7 with Leyte &Samar, our neighboring  Eastern Visayas provinces suffering the most and bearing the full force of Mother Nature

Will there be another one final blow to complete the cycle of threes? God forbid  


Without even realizing it, the lives of many Boholanos have been turned upside- down as a result of these two cataclysms

I for one who usually wakes up at midday is already up and about by six or seven in the morning.

Since the wedding and events planning industry in Bohol is at a standstill after the twin calamities, I now spend most of my days volunteering in the relief efforts and helping in the rehabilitation & recovery of my province in my own small way

Posting in my Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Channel has been quite erratic too for there is power rationing and internet connections have gone awry too.  

Blogging from hereon would be a challenge.


Water and power which used to be taken for granted are now considered by Boholanos as the most precious commodities ever after our energy sources in Leyte got knocked down.

Reports say that power and water rationing will stay in place for the next three to six weeks

Of course, the one- two punch from the quake and the typhoon has dealt us a big blow especially in Bohol's tourism industry.

Some resorts have reported a high number of cancellations. Resort & hotel owners & staff are assuring tourists and guests of a memorable & wonderful stay in Bohol

On the other hand, hotels, resorts and even pension houses in Tagbilaran City are all enjoying full bookings with the city's elite comfortably ensconced in air-conditioned rooms and suites.


Priorities and lifestyles have changed too.

But some good came out too. With no engrossing teleserye to watch and follow, communication lines have opened again among family members.

The lowly and humble fan or "pamaypay" is now the most in- demand fashion accessory as air conditioners and electric fans have been rendered inutile for days now.

Candlelit dinners are now in vogue too.

Would these translate into an all- time low in the electricity billing?

Aftershocks and sinkholes are now the two most talked- about buzzwords among Boholanos

With the whole city and the rest of the province in virtual darkness with the power rationing, people have started to stay at home.

Consequently, families have started talking again and have discovered the wonders & joy of speaking & listening

Finally, trust the humble and religious Boholanos to hurdle these trials. Life has started to get back to normal even though at a slower pace. The smiles are back  and the laughter can be heard again

The Bayanihan spirit is thriving and it is truly heartwarming to see men in the countryside and in remote areas who are helping us out as we try to repair and rebuild classrooms that have been damaged by the earthquake

My faith in my fellowmen has been restored again

Personally, I am taking things in stride and am very hopeful that things are going to get better.

With our indomitable faith and resilience, it is already a foregone conclusion that Bohol will rise again
Photo Credits: 

Dennis Saco
Blu Chalce

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