Sunday, November 3, 2013

Musicians Unite for Bohol Relief Efforts


When more than 20 singers, instrumentalists, composers and arrangers of varied musical genres and of different temperaments get together for an artistic collaboration, one would expect a clash of egos. Throw in some artistic differences and a fiery display of verbal fireworks

Boholano event producer Jboi Omus and song artists Joseph Gara and BJ Baylon did not expect the overwhelming and enthusiastic response from the key players in the Bohol music scene who took part in the groundbreaking song recording.

Despite the short time it took to gather all the artists, the project proceeded smoothly without any hitches 

It took only a few hours after the earthquake struck before everyone realized the extent of the devastation that befell the province. The northwestern part of Bohol was the hardest hit. Centuries- old churches were reduced to a pile of rubble, old and new edifices ended up in a grotesque and twisted lump of metal and concrete. Most tragic of all was the high number of casualties and injuries. 

It was in the midst of the temblor’s aftermath when people were crying for help and when the sense of helplessness pervaded in the air that noted songwriter and singer Joseph Gara tried to make sense of the tragedy. He was so moved that he sat down in a corner and put into words what he felt was needed in order to rally Boholanos to stand up and cope with their loss



Joseph Gara penned the words and music with song arrangement by BJ Baylon. The collaboration features the vocals and instrumentation of Boholano musicians and recording artists.

The group collectively known as Loud & Local Bohol was organized by Joseph Gara to raise funds for the relief efforts by recording and releasing a single.

The project took almost ten days from start to finish. This includes contacting the artists and recording the song. In charge with the overall coordination, logistical support and scheduling was Jboi. Recording took place at BJ Baylon’s place

All of the editing, sound recording, photo and video documentation were supplied at no cost. On October 25, a raw sample of the recording was aired over KISS 102.3 FM. 

By October 28, news about the project soon spread thanks to social media and to Liza Macalandag.A music video is at the offing too with Ryan Macalandag at the helm. Dennis Saco is extending his assistance too

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