Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Miss Philippines Has the Most Number of Miss Universe Appearances

Ara Arida getting ready for another photo shoot

Someone did a tally on all the invites each contestant got for the featured shows, photoshoots, commercials, personal appearances and others

Look at the tables below that feature the 42 girls out of the 86 official beauty delegates who got invitations

It looks like Philippines got featured in 5 out of 6, more than any other contestant. 

In fact, Ara also got invited for the Yamamay Swimwear Fashion show but had to beg off because the swimwear show was to be staged simultaneously with the Tony Ward Fashion Show

Poland, Puerto Rico, and Spain got 4 each, Ukraine and Russia got 3 each. 

This confirms my earlier post about Ara as a heavy favorite among the Miss Universe major sponsors and organizers

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