Monday, November 4, 2013

2013 Miss Universe 10 Best National Costumes

The Parade of National Costumes is considered as one of the hallowed and most revered traditions of the Miss Universe Pageant.

Aside from showcasing the culture of the country or territory being represented, this pageant segment gives us a glimpse of the beauty delegates' personalites and stage presence

Although the National Costume Competition has no bearing in the selection of the semifinalists, it certainly gives the girls especially those who wear the most provocative and most flamboyant costumes extra mileage and additional publicity

The National Costume Competition of this year's Miss Universe Pageant was held at the Vegas Mall in Moscow, Russia yesterday

I was quite disappointed with the national costume of Miss Philippines but she more than made up for the unimaginative and lifeless Filipina terno with her elegant stance, charm and globally appealing beauty. 

My three favorites?

1. Miss USA's Transformer costume
2. Miss Russia's Winter Empress gown
3. Miss China's regal and glittering Oriental queen gown

Here are my Ten Favorite National Costumes

South Africa
Coming up: 

The Closed- Door Panel & One-on-One Interview with the Judges & the Presentation Show where all the 86 girls will compete in Swimsuits & Evening Gowns to determine the Top 16 Semi-Finalists

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