Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Singapore- Based Filipinas Help Rebuild Bohol Schools

  High school girls help repair their school 
Photo: Dennis Saco 
Among the most adversely affected by the 7.2 earthquake that struck Bohol last October 15, 2013 were its school buildings and classrooms.

As a former teacher and as volunteer from the private sector, one of my immediate concerns was the extent of damage inflicted on the educational institutions across the affected areas in Bohol.

I even posted our photo documentation and factual assessment of the damages in my FB account


It was with sheer joy and absolute delight that two Singapore- based Filipinas, Celevel Ranoco-Butler (Island girl from Bohol) and Lou de la Pena (City girl from Manila) share my passion for education. 
Celevel & Lou 
Both accomplished ladies set up a Facebook page dedicated to raise funds for rebuilding damaged school buildings and classrooms that were devastated by the earthquake
One of the fundraisers being cooked up is an art auction slated on November 30 at Park House Orchard Boulevard (details will be sent to those attending upon RSVP)

Here's the linkArt Auction & Sale

Bravo to you ladies!


The island that is known for its rustic charm is blessed with white sandy beaches, beautiful scenery and heritage buildings from a bygone Spanish era that bespeak of its graceful and historic past.

Unique flora and fauna abound and so with peace- loving people who are known to be warm, friendly & hospitable.

October 15, 2013

No one would have guessed what Mother Nature has in stored for Boholanos until a strong earthquake shook the island and left much devastation on 15th October.

The entire province touted to be the next Bali or Phuket of Asia fell on its knees.

No electricity for more than a month, hundreds of school, churches and buildings were destroyed or have to be abandoned, thousands of people were left homeless, millions of lost livelihood and industry.


Children in the worst affected areas have to stop schooling for 2 weeks as entire areas and facilities needed to be abandoned due to multiple sinkholes and other risk-related issues.

They slowly trickled back to make-shift huts and tents to continue their education.

But since Bohol is tropical - rain, storm, typhoon and many other weather challenges have dampened the enthusiasm to go back to school. We know there are people who care for children and their future.

We hope we find more and more friends who will support the drive to raise funds to help the local community with the Department of Education and two local organizations (BRIDGES and Bangon Bohol) rebuild the schools they have lost.


Children who will become adults and parents in the future will have the education they need to have the opportunity to have better lives.

Your help isn't going to stop at giving, it will trickle into a better life for the child, the community, for Bohol and the world.

One life saved and improved can multiply in many ways.

Thank you for your sincere and unwavering support. We will never be able to repay you directly.   

And yet, we trust that you will be blessed far more than you give

If you want to help rebuild the schools, restore lives and ensure a brighter future for these kids, here's the link: 

Photo Credits: Dennis Saco & Blu Chalce

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