Saturday, November 23, 2013

Berdeth Gives Back for Bohol's Future


It was a meaningful birthday celebration for Italy- based Boholana Berdeth Piquero when she celebrated her natal day with a visit to Pangangan Elementary School located in Pangangan Island, Calape, Bohol last Thursday November 21 to share her blessings with the school's teachers and 452 pupils

She was joined by your blogger and her high school classmate and good friend Lyndon Boiser who incidentally, is marking his golden year today

Good friends Lyndon & Berdeth with Bohol's future

Both were immediately drawn to the innocent faces of the young pupils who were oblivious to the makeshift tent and bamboo structure that has been their classroom for the past few weeks after an earthquake devastated their school and houses

During our visit, we found out that several of the teachers and the pupils have fallen ill because of the not so conducive ventilation from the nylon tarpaulin that turn the makeshift classrooms into ovens when the sun comes out during the day

It was an eye- opener for my companions who witnessed the deplorable surroundings. 

After the visit and the distribution of the school supplies, both Berdeth and Lyndon thanked me for the opportunity to reach out to the kids. 

I said "Don't thank me for I'm just an instrument" 

Before she flew back for Italy this morning, Ate Berdeth promised to initiate a fundraiser so that the community's dream for their kids to have a sturdier classroom will be fulfilled

Cheers to you both Berdeth & Lyndon!

If you want to help rebuild Bohol's school buildings and classrooms that were either totally destroyed or partially damaged by the October 15 temblor, please visit the FB Link below:

Photo Credits: Raul Phillip Gatal & Berdeth Piquero

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