Thursday, April 2, 2015

Is Rival Beauty Pageant Jealous of Miss Earth?

Behind the facade of beauty & glamour, an ugly war is looming at the horizon. This after the pageant world got wind of news that during the recent Miss Grand International- Thailand press presentation, the MGI president dropped the bombshell that his organization "will no longer send delegates to the Miss Earth competition after the Miss Venezuela Organization issued a statement last week that they would stop sending contestants to Miss Earth because of the ongoing political & economic crisis in the country”

This was contradicted by Venezuela’s beauty queen maker Osmel Souza who said that they will continue sending girls to Miss Earth and has in fact, just renewed their Miss Earth franchise. An interesting sidebit are rumors circulating in the pageant world that the Miss Myanmar Beauty Organization recently dropped the MGI Franchise in Thailand after the MGI owner reportedly insisted & forced the said group to make MGI the main title in the pageant and not Miss Earth. In addition, ever since its inception in 2013, MGI has been able to get contestants from Miss Earth National pageants with the help of the Miss Earth Org themselves.

This is the height of desperation & betrayal. This saddens me knowing that it’s a fellow Southeast Asian nation that has cast the first stone. And coming from a pageant whose tagline is “Stop the War”! You still have a long way to go honey. For starters, try to build up a pageant based on track record and integrity.

Miss Earth was built from nothing some 15 years ago and in less than five years after its birth, it has grown exponentially into becoming the third biggest international beauty competition. Being Filipino and patriotic at that, I throw my all- out support to Miss Earth and to Carousel Productions.

Miss Grand International, this blog is ready for your statement.

All these in the name of world peace!

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