Monday, April 27, 2015

What Do Eda, Marian & Christine Have in Common?

Your Blogger would like to share a commonality involving three pageant queens, namely: 2015 Mutya sa Tagbilaran, 2014 Mutya sa Dampas & 2014 Miss Silka Bohol. They haven't been in a pageant where all three were contenders yet Fate had a way of connecting all three of them 

 Christine Ann Juguan, Marian Grace Malubay & Mary Eda Cimafranca

Did you know that before she was crowned Miss Silka Bohol 2014 & earned the chance to represent Bohol in the national finals of Miss Silka Philippines 2014, Marian Grace Malubay was 1st RU to Christine Ann Juguan in Mutya sa Dampas 2014 last July 24, 2014?

 Marian is 1st RU to Christine


Christine Juguan almost gave her barangay a back-to- back Mutya sa Tagbilaran crown after giving a strong performance in the citywide pageant. She placed a strong 1st RU to Mary Eda Cimafranca in the recently- concluded Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2015 last April 24.
 Christine is 1st RU to Eda

Here's the clincher: Did you know that before earning the right to represent the city in the forthcoming Miss Bohol 2015 set this July, Mary Eda was 1st RU to Marian Grace Malubay in the 2014 Miss Silka Bohol Pageant last September 26, 2014? 

She was quite raw being a pageant newbie that time and one of the two youngest candidates. Yet, one cannot deny that she already had the potential and she did. She was Best in Swimsuit and almost won over Marian. 

Fate, Destiny & Timing indeed play a crucial role in crowning a beauty queen. 

Eda is 1st RU to Marian 
It’s a Pageant Merry- Go- Round after all! 

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