Friday, April 3, 2015

Why Your Summer Love Would Always Be Special

I would like to digress from the usual pageant stuff & lifestyle news that Your Blogger has been churning out.

With the humid and sweltering heat encouraging me to just laze and doze at my fave corner of the house, my reveries take me back to those unforgettable summers of yesteryears when things were quite uncomplicated and worry- free. No wonder, they’re often called the halcyon days of your life.
Then you remember those summer flings and romances that by their very nature are fleeting and aren’t meant to last very long.  And because they aren’t your regular relationships, there’s a hint of urgency and a heightened sense of intimacy where you drop off all kinds of pretenses.

All these and combined with the best musical soundtrack that seems to come out during summer are the main ingredients that make summer flings seem magical and truly unforgettable.

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When summer ends and you have to go your separate ways, your entire memory of that romantic phase will have to be from the so- called honeymoon phase of any relationship when you have just started to discover each other and when you are lulled into believing that this is it. 

For as long as you know how to handle it responsibly and you’re not toying with someone’s emotions, your summer flings would somehow be up there when you look back and recall those wonderful and bittersweet romantic dalliances of your youth.

I did and no regrets. They never fail to put a smile on my face & I would always consider them as some of the best things that ever happened in my life.

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