Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's Saulog Street Dancing 2015 in Tagbilaran This Sunday!

This Sunday, April 26 at 3 pm, CPG Avenue, the main thoroughfare of Tagbilaran will be closed to traffic. The reason?

It’s Saulog fever once again! This will be your chance to see all of the city’s 15 barangays compete for cash, pride and bragging rights in the Saulog Tagbilaran 2015 Street Dancing & Ritual Competition. It will be a display of choreography, costumes and colors as the handpicked representatives dance their way to the spectators’ and judges’ hearts.

Celebrated in honor of Saint Joseph the Worker, Tagbilaran’s patron saint, the event is one of the many activities that will lead up to the city fiesta celebration happening on May 1.

The street dancing competition will start from Plaza Rizal and wind down at the CPG Sports Complex where all the dance contingents will present their choreographed dances in their entirety.

As an added treat, there will also be a selection of the Saulog Festival King & Queen whop will be picked from the competing barangays’ lead dancers

See You!

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