Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bohol's Beauty & Splendor

Weeks leading to the grand finale in Bohol’s search for its candidate to Miss Philippines Earth 2015, I had given my commitment already that I will be giving my support & assistance to whoever wins the crown.

Part of that assistance was to help Team Gayle conceptualize & create the winner’s three- minute ecotourism video. The required video was to show the candidate’s environmental advocacy & promote the ecotourism potentials of her town/ city and her province through the Miss Philippines Earth You Tube Channel

 Gayle is on her way to the Calape mangroves
Going around our province with the team made me realize how lucky we are to have a beautiful province that God has blessed with so much natural wonders. The activity was like rediscovering Bohol again. After the tiring yet enriching activity, I can only close my eyes and silently offer a prayer of gratitude to the Almighty for His amazing& generous gifts.

Here are some of the photos that were taken from two of the places that we visited. First stop is Gayle’s hometown of Calape where the Philippines' longest man-made causeway can be found. Navigating around the mangroves was a surreal experience and thoughts of holding an obstacle course type of race for kayak paddlers in the area were already swirling in my mind.

Panggangan Island, Calape, Bohol

 that's Gayle precariously holding on for dear life !

Your Blogger couldn't resist the urge to take a selfie
Bilar, Bohol

Second stop is the town of Bilar where the Bohol Biodiversity Complex (BBC) is located. The most interesting highlight in every BBC visit is the required tree- planting activity where you have the option to choose between a fruit- bearing sapling or an ornamental plant.

Thanks to the municipalities of Calape & Bilar for the cooperation & assistance & the Bohol Provincial Tourism Office through Ms. Geraldine Arangoso. I am so grateful also that Gayle has assembled a great video & photo team made up of very young & creative guys named Christian Paul Naparota & Ralph Paulo Libradilla.

Special thanks to Kag. Aileen Pasagad for serving the most awesome lunch & for guiding us in our BBC visit in Bilar  & of course to Calape Tourism Officer Maria Hyacinth Rosello for the very informative talk about Calape & its wonders, Calape Kag. Desiree Orillosa Zulueta & Sir Jose Meneleo "Dodong" Guibao   

Also to Sir Ritchel Apit Mutia & the rest of the organizers & to Alturas Group of Companies, the official franchise folders of the Miss Philippines Earth- Bohol Pageant

Your Blogger with Sir Dodong, Maam Hyacinth & Maam Geraldine
The team together with the BBC staff & Kag. Aileen Pasagad
pose for a souvenir shot before calling it a day!
Photo Credits:

Christian Paul Naparota
Raul Phillip Gatal

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