Saturday, July 19, 2014

Miss Bohol 2014 & Her Advocacy: Part One

"Miss Bohol 2014 will not just be another beauty pageant". This was the assurance of Madame Pureza V. Chatto, Bohol's First Lady & Miss Bohol 2014 Project Chairperson. 

"Aside from selecting the complete package who will be the province’s ambassadress of goodwill, the judges will be on the lookout for the perfect spokesperson for an advocacy or cause that the winner has to support during her year of reign." Mrs. Chatto further added.

It has been said that when a beautiful woman speaks up, everyone listens. By lending their beauty & popularity for a good cause, all 18 Miss Bohol 2014 candidates have truly become the quintessential Boholana who is the embodiment of perfection.

So here now are the first half of the candidates with their respective advocacies.  

Candidate #1 Jassenie Mangaron (Miss Loon) 

"I want to focus my advocacy on sustaining the resilience and cooperative spirit of the Boholanos so that all together we can rise from the rubble left by the great Bohol earthquake.

To accomplish this I will promote volunteerism especially among the youth and, with the help of other sectors, we will implement a project that will help rebuild lives, renew hopes and strengthen the capacity of our people to survive any catastrophe. Such projects include shelter, livelihood and psycho social recovery programs." 

Candidate #2 Jaya Lozano (Miss Tubigon) 

"My advocacy is to let Boholanos rise again through educating people because i believe that education is life, not a preparation for life!"

Candidate #3 Allyson Mycee Escobia (Miss Anda) 

"If given a chance to be Miss Bohol 2014, I will help promote equality and access to quality health care for all Boholanos. This means every individual will have easier access on Primary Health Care. This can be achieved by bringing health services and health programs down to the baranggay levels and even to the purok levels.

I will also help institutionalize and strengthen the Botika sa Baranggay so that people will receive these affordable medicines. Lastly, I will empower, train and hire more barangay and rural health workers to help and serve. But, this cannot be done alone and so I plan to create linkages between the government and NGOs to make this possible."

Candidate # 4 Liss Lee Centillas (Miss Buenavista)

"If I will win in this pageant, I will utilize my title to promote and advertise the grandeur and wonders of our province Bohol despite the catastrophic events that we've experienced last year. I will inspire other people to do the same because more heads are better than one.

In this way I will be able to help in the tourism of our province. 

Candidate # 5. Joyce Trexie Marie Cabagnot( Miss Bohol Island State University )

"As a BSED-Math student and bringing the name of BISU w/c is an educational institution and having the heart to bring up education among the youth and believing that education accompanied with right values defies poverty, I can say that education as my advocacy is really predestined.

And if given the chance to be crowned as Ms. Bohol, I will have the voice and I will choose to use this power to be the catalyst of promoting quality education throughout the province.

I will lead the idea of providing education to street children by tapping the provincial government of Bohol and asking for their full support.  I have the firm conviction that this will never be impossible because everybody will support me considering that I will be Miss Bohol."

Candidate # 6. Clowie Lim (Miss Ubay)

"I would focus to the most rampant problem of the society which is drug addiction. We should not only focus on the phrase"NO TO DRUGS", we should put it to acti0n. Inculcating not only to the young minds but also to the parents.

Absence of parental control and lack of spiritual values are the factors to get into drugs, therefore, not only the child should be aware of this but the parents as well. In this way, we could prevent this by the use of seminars and creating recreational activities to make them stay away from using drugs."

Candidate # 7. Annaleah Saga (Miss Carmen)

"My advocacy is to empower young people in their everyday lives. Youth advocacy attempts to provide support to young people in all the areas that affect them, be it in education, employment, social security, housing, recreation and human relationship. 

Youth advocacy also gives young persons insights into the adult world of decision - making, exercising of authority and enhancing young person's understanding of legal process."

Candidate # 8. Farwah Nijah (Miss Pilar) 

"If ever I win Miss Bohol 2014, my advocacy would focus on woman's health, where they would learn first aid kit preventions and attend health awareness seminars that would inform them of the diseases they are prone of.

I choose this because a woman plays a great role in someone's life, like a mom. I lost my mother at a young age because her health was neglected and her illness was diagnosed at a late stage already. I don't want other children go through the experience that I had. And I believe prevention is better than cure."

Candidate # 9. Mary Rose Butalid (Miss Panglao) 

"If i win Miss Bohol 2014, I would like to focus on an advocacy that would address on kid‘s premature indulgence of technology advancements like social media and computer games. I will bring back their interests in reading books through putting up mini libraries, at least five of them within my reign, in far flung communities in mountain areas and islands in the province.

I want all Boholanos especially the kids to be knowledgeable and competive in this challenging world that we live in." 

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