Tuesday, July 29, 2014

To See & Be Seen in Miss Bohol 2014

Miss Bohol 2014 proved to be the one of the most anticipated and broke records for the huge numbers that came to witness the crowning. All seats and spaces taken at Bohol Wisdom Gymnasium. It was a happy, festive crowd. Local government delegations had their own gimmicks to cheer their respective candidates. There were lyres, drums, cymbals, balloons, bannerettes, lighted numbers and huge tarpaulins of pictures of their candidates. 

Board Members Godofreda Tirol,  Atty Benjie Arcamo and Madelon Rengel
Liza Migrino

Rhian Ramos & Mike Toledo share a laugh during the show

Mayor Baba Yap greets Board Members Freda Tirol & Atty. Benjie Arcamo

It was an electrifying night. Imagine the cheers, the yells & applause as each local government unit cheered for its respective candidates.  

Kudos to Project Chairs Bohol First Lady Pureza Chatto & Tagbilaran City First Lady Jane Cajes Yap for the success of Miss Bohol 2014. 

Credit also goes to JCI Bohol Chocolate Hills like Club President Sarena Cabagnot, Pageant Coordinator, Mayelle Jubac, Darlene Bustrillos, Iansep Suaybaguio, Jovanna Jumamoy, Ma. Joanne Alagcan Catherene Perin, Jessa Scarlet Perpetua, Karen Perez, Susan Datahan, Mitzi Recio, Marmie Robante, Jorge Vinas, Renerose Silmeros, Cheddy Alarde, KC Lumayag- Tiu who took on various tasks to ensure the pageant’s success.

Here are some of the highlights:

Madame Pureza visits the girls at the backstage moments before the show

 Dauis Mayor Marietta Sumaylo, Miss Tagb 87 Fiel Gabin & Panglao Mayor Nila Montero

 Me with Kag. Aileen Pasagad & Bb Pilipinas Anna Maris Igpit

 actress Rhian Ramos & mo with Remo Putong Mulle

Vice Mayor Toto Veloso & wife Lura

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