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Miss Bohol 2014 & Her Advocacy: Part Two

Here’s Part Two of my feature on the Miss Bohol 2014 candidates and the advocacies that they will be supporting should they get crowned as the province’s fairest tonight

Candidate # 10. Imaculada Cleofe Leopardas (Miss Barbra Pearls Cosmetics)

"If I will be this year's Miss Bohol 2014, I would focus my advocacy on extending help for the malnourished children and those street children. I will use my title and make a project wherein there will be a monthly feeding of nutritious goods at the different areas of Bohol.

I will feed their stomachs, but I would also feed their minds by teaching them the ways and values of life. I have a heart for these children and I believe that every child is special. They are the hope of our future and if we will give them the privilige to let their inner beauty shine through, then they will be closer to success in which every Boholano would be most proud of."

Candidate # 11. Liezel May Turtoga (Miss Getafe)

"If I will be crowned as Miss Bohol 2014, I will be a good role model among my peers and use my title to promote my advocacy in life and that is to preserve and protect our rich cultural heritage which we can do by educating our people especially the new generation of how important and significant these thing to us.

Candidate # 12. Geraldine Bernido Topsnik (Miss Tagbilaran City)

"If given a chance, I would like to help my fellow Boholanos through my advocacy which is to implement business and entrepreneurial programs for the jobless, provide opportunities to go back to school for those out- of- school youth and to give a home and shelter to the homeless and streetchildren. I hope that through these, I would be able to give back to my province what it has given me."

Candidate # 13. Genina Abrau (Miss Sierra Bullones)

"My advocacy would be to have a computer literacy program because we are now in the cyber world where everything is powered by technology. Unified as we stand, I together with the organization I am in, the Society of Computer Eng'g Enthusiasts, we can impart our knowledge to the rural places.

We will train those people in the uncivilized areas for them to have basic background on computer usage. I would like to propose several computer units to be distributed to several towns specially on rural places. If I win Miss Bohol 2014, I know my advocacy would be realized with the help of the provincial government."

Candidate # 14. Maria Tiffany Tabigue (Miss Balilihan)

"If I will win miss Bohol I will campaign my advocacy of LOVE. L-oyalty to God, O-bedience to His commandments, V-ictory of our morality, E-xpressions of our true feelings. With this advocacy, there will be no problem in our society. Let us love one another." .

Candidate # 15. Natasha Amethyst Torralba (Miss Duero)

"If given a chance to win the crown,my advocacy would focus on a massive campaign for the protection of our environment. Right now, we are experiencing climate change, a very serious case, but most of the time taken for granted by most people.

We need to take care of our environment not because it was a gift from our ancestors,but because we owe it to our future children. I know, upon choosing ths advocacy, I could help Mother Earth heal again in my own little ways

Candidate # 16. Christine Mae Cuarto (Miss Jagna)

"My advocacy revolves on women's rights. I will work with the government officials like the Department of Social Welfare.

As a criminology graduate, we will conduct seminars to inform women what is abuse and how it could happen to them."

Candidate # 17. Queenie Melody Fullante (Miss Dauis)

"If destiny would allow the crown to land on my head tonight, the advocacy that I would focus on is on women’s health. According to research, even though women live longer than men, it doesn’t mean that they are healthier or live better. So if women are in good health condition, they can do a lot of great things to lengthen and improve their life spans.

Furthermore, women are the life bearers but due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth, maternal deaths have been one of the leading killers of women especially for adolescent pregnancy. With the help of the Provincial Health Office, setting information drives on women’s health and providing accessible health services for women will save not only the women of today but also tomorrow’s generation.

Candidate # 18. Diozel Ramayla Namoco (Miss Dimiao)

" My advocacy would be 'Sustainable Tourism' because it is my hope that whatever initiatives, projects, or tourism activities we do would have minimal adverse impact to our environment and to our culture.

So there you go, the ladies and the advocacies that they believe in and will support during their year of reign and beyond.

I have always dreamt of the day when Miss Bohol will also become avowed advocates for projects that would ultimately benefit the community. Whoever gets crowned as Miss Bohol 2014 will have my support. Remember ladies, everybody will be waiting for you to turn those proposed projects into real tangible realities. Let’s walk the talk.

For the meantime though, let us await the crowning of this year’s queen and may the most deserving lady take it all

See you at the Bohol Wisdom Gymnasium tonight!

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Photo Credits: Chris Ramasola

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