Monday, July 21, 2014

What Happens When Pageant Girls Don't Make It?

The heady mix of excitement & tension, of frayed nerves & pumped up adrenaline, and the last- minute jitters that accompanied the participation of the Class of 2014 in Miss Bohol will now become memories for the ladies.

The accompanying photos for this blog feature that show Bohol First Lady Pureza V. Chatto with the girls  were taken minutes before the show started
Miss Jagna
The glamorous activities that go with the Miss Bohol Pageant like the endless photo shoots, the costume fittings & visits to beauty & pampering salons will now be things of the past.

The pageant night has been concluded with the crowning of Miss Bohol 2014. Right now, social media and public scrutiny are now focused on the newly- hailed queen and her runners- up.
Miss Ubay
So how about the girls who didn’t make it? Are they coping well? Most of them have to put up a brave front especially when they have to face supporters who were expecting a lot from them


Last Saturday, right after the names of the five finalists had been revealed, the 13 others who didn’t make it had to go backstage.

Would the pageant results crush their dreams and turn them into embittered persons? Or would they take it as a learning experience?

The upbeat mood that had pervaded the dressing area right before the pageant had started had turned into a gloomy silence. Gone were the excited exchanges of friendly banter, the laughter, the selfies & the smiles.

Miss Sierra- Bullones
Here and there, you can see the girls as they tried to cope or come to terms with the results. Some were alone and preoccupied with their own individual thoughts, some were consoled or cheered up by their pageant handlers, boyfriends or mothers.

Miss Balilihan
And then I saw Miss Loon Jassenie Mangaron who was sitting in a corner all by herself. I may not remember anymore what I told her but what I could not forget were those beautiful expressive eyes that couldn’t mask the disappointment. A breath away from her was Miss Carmen Annaleah Saga who I tried to cheer up as well. 

Here now are my words of encouragement not only for Jassenie and Annaleah but also to the rest of the girls whose confidence & self- esteem might have been affected  

To the 2013 Miss Bohol Batch of Candidates: 
Don't you ever let the pageant results last July 19  define who you are as a person.
Consider it as a phase in your life. An adventure. A learning experience. A memory to cherish and remember years or even decades from now. Hold your heads high for you all did a great job
Remember, winning a beauty title doesn't mean you're the smartest not the prettiest.
On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that you will just pretend that everything is okay for it is not okay.
Allow yourselves to let out how you feel and you have to come to terms with your sense of loss. Afterwards, you have to make yourself bounce back and surround yourself with friends and family to cheer you up. On the brighter side, remember that you belong to a special breed of Boholanas for not everyone can ever claim to have been a Miss Bohol candidate.  
Finally, whether you made it or not, take time to thank your family and all the people who believed in you and helped you in your journey towards the Miss Bohol crown because a real queen is someone who is gracious and knows how to look back with gratitude
So Cheers and Smile for God Loves You

Photo Credits: FB Miss Bohol 2014

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