Monday, July 21, 2014

The Turquoise Evening Gowns in Miss Bohol 2014: Part One

The 2014 Miss Bohol Evening Gown Competition was a chance for the Bohol Fashion Designers Cirlce to showcase their creations. Each candidate was assigned (at random) a Boholano designer who would the create a gown for her. The 18 girls were divided in three groups of six and assigned a particular color.

Judging the Best in Evening Gown was based on class & elegance, fashion flair, poise & charm and the overall impression. 

I agree that the recipient of the Best in Gown award should be chosen based on how well she carried the gown and not the other way around although the choice of gown can also make or break a candidate's chances in the pageant.


This year, the Miss Bohol Pageant gave two special awards for the evening gown category; Best in Evening Gown and then the Best Evening Gown Designer awards.

GROUP 1: Turquoise- Gowns

Here is the group of girls in their turquoise- colored evening gowns:

Designer: Eve Macapobre
Designer: Allen Repana
Designer: Maximiel Tallo
Designer: John Jumarito
Designer: Jan del Valle
Designer: Riegel Dulfo
Best in Evening this year was Miss Panglao Mary Rose Butalid who eventually finished as 1st Runner Up.

Best Designer was Roxan Torralba who dressed up Miss Balilihan Tiffany Tabigue 

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