Sunday, July 27, 2014

In Defense of Miss Bohol 2014 Queenie Melody Fullante

Pageantry in Bohol was at its best during the Coronation Night last July 19 at the Bohol Wisdom Gym. Everyone who mattered, the movers and the shakers in government service, business, fashion, arts & culture was present.

Guests and visitors including the judges were amazed at how we embrace pageants here in Bohol.

The newsmakers were all dressed to the nines as they, together with the busloads of Boholanos from the different towns, came to cheer their girls and witness the crowning of Bohol’s ambassadress of goodwill 

The judges’ daunting task of selecting Miss Bohol had been made easier with the inclusion of a pre- judging where the candidates faced the same panel earlier during the day. The pre- judging segment is very crucial for a candidate cannot come in with rehearsed or memorized answers. The judges can sense it if a candidate is faking it or being real. 

Major pageants like Bb Pilipinas, Mutya ng Pilipinas & Miss Philippines- Earth and even the global pageants like Miss Universe always have a pre- judging in order to whittle down the field to a set of finalists who the judges think are the most fit for the crown.

Here's the link to the Scenes from the Pre- Judging

But pageantry in Bohol showed its ugly side and was at its worst after a new Miss Bohol was proclaimed. Right after the crowning, talks began swirling about the results. Most of the online bashing were targeted at the newly- crowned Miss Bohol 2014 Queenie Melody Fullante from Dauis. Of course, since we live in a democratic society, we have to respect people’s dissenting opinions.

But I believe we have crossed the threshold when fellow Boholanos begin attacking the winner from the color of her skin to her height and even with regards to her unconventional type of beauty. It’s no longer an exercise in free speech when they call the judges as blind, biased or are not experts when it come to discerning beauty. Is it Queenie’s fault if she is eloquence and sincerity personified?

Beauty pageants are supposed to celebrate beauty in all its forms, shapes, sizes and colors. I have always thought that we Boholanos in particular and Filipinos in general are sophisticated enough to discern what is truly beautiful and what is not.

When the distinguished judges who have been used to seeing beauty at its zenith and at its perfection have found the perfect beauty who combines striking physical features that are considered unconventionally pretty with the gift of gab tempered with humility and maturity, we rejected it.

Just when the opportune time came to prove that we embrace beauty in its diversity, we failed the test big- time. We have been unmasked and we have exposed our bigotry, narrow- mindedness and myopic views when it comes to beauty.

Sadly, some of the also- rans have been brainwashed by the people around them to turn against the winner. The friendship, the beautiful memories and the bonding during the pageant have been compromised. Bitterness and sour- graping have no place in pageantry.


Let us make it up for Quennie. As she basks in her moment of glory during her parade this afternoon, let us give her the thunderous applause she deserves. Let’s close ranks now and rally around our new Miss Bohol. Let her savor the sweetness of her triumph and enjoy her reign.

Godspeed Queenie

Long May You Reign

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