Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Miss Bohol 2014 Talent Night Highlights: Part 1

The last hurdle before the highly- anticipated and talked- about Miss Bohol 2014 Pageant crown its winner this weekend took place last July 12, Saturday at the Bohol Cultural Center.

The Talent Showcase has taken a more important role in the selection of the finalists since the talent part of the general criteria has been raised. From being mere excuses to regale and entertain the crowds, the talent portion has evolved into a more sophisticated segment where the girls prove their versatility by presenting their talents in singing, dancing or acting.  
  Miss Bohol Project Chair: Bohol First Lady Pureza V. Chatto 
EMCEE: 2005 Miss Bohol & 2006 Bb. Pilipinas World Anna Igpit

The Talent Night opened with the 18 official candidates introducing themselves in their cocktail dresses

                                        Miss Loon # 1 
                                          Miss Tubigon # 2 
                                           Miss Anda # 3  
Miss Buenavista # 4
Miss Bohol Island State University # 5
Miss Ubay # 6
Miss Carmen # 7
Miss Pilar  # 8
Miss Panglao # 9
Miss Barbra Pearls # 10
Miss Getafe # 11
Miss Tagbilaran City # 12
Miss Sierra Bullones # 13
Miss Balilihan # 14
Miss Duero # 15
Miss Jagna # 16
Miss Dauis # 17
Miss Dimiao # 18

So which candidate do you think stood out in her cocktail dress? Who had that queenly and regal aura? 

Coming Up: The Girls During their Talent Presentations

Photo Credits: Nestor Daarol

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