Sunday, July 13, 2014

Unforgettable Miss Bohol Titleholders

Less than a week from now, Miss Bohol 2014 will be selected from a bumper harvest of beauties whose ages range from 16 to 23 years old. Credit to this year's organizers led by Bohol First Lady Madame Pureza Chatto & Co- Chair Tagbilaran City First Lady Jane Yap for a job well done in mounting the pageant.

Aptly described as the quintessential Boholana, she is the embodiment of the endearing qualities of the Boholana; beautiful even in her simplicity, smart, modern yet traditional, family- oriented, caring & nurturing.

Whoever gets to be crowned as the province's most fairest will be catapulted into instant celebrity/ newsmaker status. And no matter how the winner would insist that she would never change, she will and she would. For the better.

Miss Bohol 2014 will then join an exclusive sorority of Boholanas who have won Bohol's most prestigious beauty title during the past sixty years. Most of them were overwhelming favorites when they won. Some have parlayed their Miss Bohol titles into glamorous lives and successful careers. A few simply faded away and have shunned the limelight. 

Their types of beauty, personalities and backgrounds maybe uniquely different and as diverse as the places that they have represented yet they have that common denominator: the distinction and honor of having won the top prize in the annual celebration of pulchritude, poise &personality.

Here now are some of the Miss Bohol titleholders who have left a lasting imprint on many Boholanos

1997 Miss Tagbilaran Top Three: L-R: A Physician. A Lawyer. A Nurse
1997 Miss Bohol Sandugo. Socorro d Marie Tallo Inting. She reluctantly joined and eventually won the 1995 Miss DWCT Search upon the cajoling of her teachers to represent the high school department. 

Two years later, she earned the right to represent the city in the 1997 Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant when she was crowned Mutya sa Tagbilaran. 

Q & A during 1997 Mutya sa Tagbilaran
Known for being a witty and engaging speaker, she shines the brightest in the interviews. Presently, she is a Supreme Court lawyer. 


Don''t forget to watch the Grand Coronation Night on July 19, Saturday at the Bohol Wisdom Gymnasium

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