Saturday, July 5, 2014

Who Is Best in Swimsuit in Miss Bohol 2014?

So you thought the Swimsuit Competition is merely an excuse to flaunt those perfectly- sculpted bodies in identical swimwear? Well, think again.

Of course, pageants wouldn’t have drawn heated passions and heightened interests if not for the swimsuit competition.

Miss Bohol 1988: Beth Anana of Guindulman is also first Best in Swimsuit
In Miss Bohol history, the swimsuit made its first appearance during the pageant’s 1988 edition. When Guindulman’s Elizabeth Mumar Anana came out in a high- cut swimsuit, there was a momentary silence followed by thunderous applause inside the pageant venue. From that point on, Beth was unstoppable. She became the first- ever recipient of the Best in Swimsuit special award on her way to claim for Guindulman its first and only Miss Bohol crown.
the two- piece in Miss Bohol 2000: Haidee Gastones of Loon
The two- piece made its first appearance in year 2000 as Bohol and the rest of the world ushered in the New Millennium.

first Miss World: Kiki Hakansson of Sweden
Ever since the bikini made its first appearance in the global arena with Kerstin "Kiki" HÃ¥kansson of Sweden being crowned the 1st Miss World in 1951, important changes have taken place. Feminists and radicals have begun questioning the relevance of pageants and the exploitation of women.  They are mosty critical of of the swimsuit competition  and the obligatory quarter- turns which they likened to a cattle call or meat parade.

While Miss World has dropped the swimsuit competition from its pageant finals, Miss Universe has made a compromise. They retained the swimsuit segment but altogether scrapped the mention of vital statistics, age, height, hair & eye color to avoid being labelled as promoters of women as objects of fantasies

So why is there a swimsuit competition? Joining a beauty pageant is like applying for a job. Being a beauty queen is a full- time job with a hectic schedule for the winners. It’s not all glamour. 

Behind those parties, special guest appearances and photo shoots are the constant travels, endless speaking engagements and personality enhancement classes. You need to be fit, healthy and have the stamina to endure and survive a year of reign as queen.

And how do organizers determine a girl’s qualification and mental stamina? During the swimsuit competition which highlights the candidates’ physical fitness and showcases womanhood’s beauty and symmetry.  

How they look and appear in their swimsuits reflect on their discipline, attitude & drive. Furthermore, swimsuits are empowering and liberating to women for it gives them the liberty to be in control and to be comfortable with their bodies. 

So who among these year's Miss Bohol candidates do you think is most fit for the crown? Here are some of the contenders if we base it on their figures and swimsuit presentation during the Miss Bohol 2014 Swimsuit Competition held at the Bellevue Resort in Panglao Island, Bohol last June 27
Miss Tagbilaran City
Miss Loon
Miss Tubigon
Miss Panglao
Miss Jagna
Miss Sierra- Bullones
Miss Balilihan
Miss Barbra Pearls
Miss Getafe
 We all know already that beauty pageants have evolved from mere bathing suit parades back in the 1950's into the modern- day quest for the complete package who can be an effective spokesperson, a role model, a beauty product endorser and a woman who radiates inner beauty as well

So which girl will bring home the 2014 Miss Bohol crown? It will definitely be the girl who is the epitome of Boholana pulchritude, poise & pedigree. 

Let's find out on July 19, Saturday at the Bohol Wisdom Gym

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