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1941 Miss Bohol: Paula Baura Raagas of Maribojoc

Finally, somebody has responded to our call for more information and for data verification and photographic evidences regarding Miss Bohol pageant history

Here are the messages complete with photo validation from Carino Antequisa of Maribojoc:
Hi Sir Philip, in this blog you mention that Former Maribojoc Mayor Paula "Daday Raagas Valles was crowned Miss Bohol in 1955. This information contradicts to the print in a photo kept by a relative of the former beauty queen that says "Miss Bohol, Paulita B. Raagas, Bohol Night, May 4, 1941." 
Also in your blog you mentioned that the ex-mayor was born in 1922 and this was also confirmed by relatives, thus, if she was crowned Miss Bohol in 1955, she was already 33 years old then. I believe it is unlikely. However, if she was crowned in 1941, she was just 19 years old then, certainly at the prime of her beauty. 
Could you check your source on this, Sir. Fellow Maribojocanons are wondering.
Miss Bohol, Paula B. Raagas, Bohol Night, May 4, 1941
Miss Bohol 1941 escorted by eventual husband Esong Valles
Hi Mr. Carino Antequisa,

First of all, thank you for the response and for the photographic evidences. I am truly grateful. With regards to my claim that that Mrs. Valles was crowned Miss Bohol 1955, it was just passed on to me by a fellow blogger. 

In an earlier blog, I made an appeal there for anybody to come forward and please share any data to confirm or correct the posts that we made.

I hope this would shed light on the matter and appease whoever was slighted because of the sin of omission.

Thanks once again

 1941 Miss Bohol: Paula Baura Raagas

Paula (better known as Paulita and Daday) Baura Raagas was born on June 6, 1922 in Maribojoc, Bohol. 
Known for her striking beauty, winsome charm and intelligence, she was crowned Miss Bohol on May 4, 1941 at the young age of 18  and just a month away from her 19th birthday. 
She later on married her childhood sweetheart Dionisio Valles also from Maribojoc. She served as Municipal Mayor of Maribojoc from 1978 to 1986 
She passed away on July 8, 2012 at the ripe old age of 90 in Metro Manila
Thanks to Allouie Jumawan Escabarte

Photo Credits: Allouie Jumawan Escabarte 

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