Monday, July 21, 2014

Onstage Interview of Miss Bohol 2014

Here is the gist of Your Blogger’s onstage interview with Queenie Melody Fullante, the newly- crowned Miss Bohol 2014.

Just read the interview contents and look at how she projects during the interviews. She was such a natural onstage. 

No pretensions and she said it as it is. I believe this must have gotten the attention of the judges especially with the hint of self- assuredness that was on display that night.


When asked how she feels being compared with Venus Raj, she readily replied that it flatters her to be compared to one of the Philippines’ most iconic beauty queens. 

On the other hand, she feels that it somehow makes her lose her self- identity and frustrates her that she has to live under the shadows of one who is very popular. 

She insisted that she wants to be known simply as Queenie and not to be the clone or lookalike of someone else


When asked who is more important in her family, her mother or her father, she replied that both the father and mother are equally important for they play complementary roles. 

The mother is the symbol of love and of sharing. A father on the other hand, is the symbol for strength and stability. 

But if she is to choose only one, she would choose her mother. She explained that she has never seen her father for she was born an illegitimate child. But even then, she would always have the highest regard for her mom who was able to raise her up to be who and what she is right now despite being a single mom

Her answers struck a chord in the hearts of those who were in the audience that night. She had the audience and the judges to her side even before we wrapped up the Onstage Interviews.

For the penultimate round where the final five were asked the same question, it was smooth sailing for her. Add the moral boosters made up of townmates from Dauis led by their supportive mayor, Hon. Marietta Sumaylo, who helped clinch for Queenie the special award “Darling of the Crowd”

Get the chance to know Queenie a little better the next few days only here with Your Boholano Blogger

Hail the Queen! 

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