Monday, July 21, 2014

Story of Friendship in Miss Bohol 2014

Here’s the interesting story behind those photos Miss Dauis & Miss Panglao as they laughed and hugged each other during the last few moments before the name of the 2014 Miss Bohol was to e revealed.

The two girls actually forged an intimate friendship during the Miss Bohol series of activities. Since both girls were representing the two municipalities that make up Panglao Island, the two ended up going home together. They both became confidantes, shoulders to cry on and advisers on affairs of the heart and pageant tips.
 Last Two Standing: Miss Panglao & Miss Dauis
Both ladies represented the two towns that make up Panglao Island
But here’s an even more interesting story.:

At the height of the excitement & the suspense as Miss Panglao and Miss Dauis awaited the final announcement that would confirm their final placements, their huge delegations composed of townmates  had their own friendly competition as to the loudest cheers and the longest hurrahs.
Dauis Mayor Marietta Sumaylo (2nd from L) & Panglao Mayor Nila Montero (4th from left)
Also in photo: Your Blogger, Fashion designer Shanon Pamaong, Fiel Angeli Gabin & Cielo Gabin
What could have turned into an ugly fracas did not and would not be possible because Dauis Mayor Marietta Sumaylo and Panglao Mayor Nila Montero, the girls’ respective town mayors displayed acts of sportsmanship and displays of the innate friendliness of Boholanos. 

Both lady mayors had the time of their lives as they basked in the honor that their beauty delegates had given to their towns.

Such display of friendship is the essence of the whole Bohol Sandugo Festival which commemorates history and celebrates friendship

Cheers everyone!

Photo Credits: Nestor Daarol & Fiel Angeli Gabin

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