Friday, September 13, 2013

My Blog Turns A Year Older & Wiser! Cheers!


Exactly a year ago, I came across somebody’s blog. I got riveted and finally before the day ended, I was already halfway through as I signed up to be a blogger

One year, 252 blog posts and 107,875 blog visits (as I’m blogging this) later, I have reached a personal goal and that is to prove to naysayers, skeptics and critics alike that yes, I can achieve something if I really put my heart and soul into it

You see, most of my friends and even family have given up on me. 

They say that everything I do or plan would never measure up to anything or would just end up as another failed attempt

But what can you expect from a free spirit? Somebody once told me that I’m a tormented soul who has been wrestling with his demons for so long and a stupid romantic fool who sees life through rose- colored glasses

I hate to admit it but they’re right. Almost everything they have been saying about me is partly true

So when you say that I’m a success, I would shoot back and say “That’s pure baloney!” I’m a good for nothing soul who hasn’t amounted to anything

Waking up today and seeing my blog reach its first year anniversary has made me realize that yes, I CAN!

However, instead of gloating and basking in this fleeting euphoric moment, I have to be mindful of the sneers and jeers of the snooty ones who pointedly tell me that I can’t write. 

Right now, I find myself getting recharged and psyching myself to take a really good and hard look at myself and focus on what I really want


A couple of years back, Life dealt me a double whammy. 

Consequently, I took a tumble and has been in a downward spiral ever since

When I fell down and lay sprawled on the ground, I realized that there was no one to hold on to so I took it upon myself to rise on my own. 

Well, a few did respond to my cry for help but have given up on me. 

Some just turned their backs on me while others played deaf or blind, seemingly oblivious to what was going on

As I steady my tottering and hesitant steps, I take comfort in the wise words of someone that I really look up to
It’s how you rise from a Fall 
That defines you as a person
Enough of my gibberish and scribbling that don’t seem to make sense. 


For those of you who took time to visit my blog, left comments & messages, Thank You so much

I hope that you will always be there as I take my blogging to a deeper and more personal level.

I will continue to share with you some snippets and updates on some of Bohol’s most fascinating newsmakers, intriguing personalities and of course the beautiful ones


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