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Will Megan Young Be Our First Miss World?


Will Megan Young be the first Filipina to bring home the only international beauty crown that has eluded the country for more than 60 years?

If the positive reaction from pageant fans from all over the world and the congratulatory message sent by Julia Morley  the Miss World Founder & Organizer herself will be used as the gauge, then the answer is a resounding YES!

Aside from being pegged as The Girl To Beat, she has the support of many Filipino pageant fans who have even voted for her in the Texter's Choice contest.

She is presently ranked number one among 160 candidates


Megan Young is being talked about in pageant sites around the world as the frontrunner and predicted to be the winner

She along with Miss Spain & Miss Brazil are considered as the Top Three Girls even as they have to set foot in Indonesia


with Ms Cory Quirino, Miss World Philippines Organizer
Mainstream and pageant media, as well as supporters of Miss World Philippines 2013 Megan Young attended Megan's official sendoff party. 

She is leaving for the Miss World 2013 pageant on September 3. 

Megan's first destination is Bali, followed by Jakarta for the coronation night on September 28.

Ms Cory Quirino, Miss World Philippines pageant director, joined her during the official send- off party

Ms Quirino opened up the send- off party by revealing some good news
"We are very encouraged by the very warm support we received from the Miss World Organization,"   
"We received an email from Julia Morley, chairperson of the Miss World Organization, two days after the Miss World Philippines pageant and she said, 'Congratulations, Cory, for a very lovely Miss World Philippines. I look forward to welcoming her to Jakarta, Indonesia.  
See you at the Miss World pageant'."
Cory continued, 
"I've also received calls from different licensees all over the world. 
For the very first time, I received encouraging words from the licensees and we hope that this is the silver lining we've been waiting for. 
"Licensees who own their own license of Miss World in their own, respective countries have actually told me, 'We believe this time the crown will go to the Philippines.'  
I have a very strong feeling about Megan in the same way I had a very strong feeling about Gwendolyn Ruais.   Megan has the same magic, the same aura and her timing is right.  
It's the time for the Philippines!"
It was at this moment that Megan was not able to control her emotions. She burst into tears.  

Tears of Joy
After she was able to keep her emotions in check, Megan confided to the press:
"Crying was not part of my training. I'm really emo,"

"I really cry a lot, whether I'm angry or sad or happy. I'm super thankful because this is it, this is my dream."
As she struggled to control her emotions, Megan proceeded to talk:
"I'm so overwhelmed by all the support I am receiving for this pageant. It really means a lot to me. It's really close to my heart.

"All my friends, all my relatives, all my kababayans, even those who are not really into pageants are rooting for me. They come up to me and congratulate me and tell me, 'Megan, this is it.'

"There's so much expectation from me, but I'm gonna work it, I'm gonna wing it, I'm gonna represent the country like anything. I'm gonna prove to them that the Philippines is strong this year. May laban tayo. We're gonna show them that we're worth the blue crown.

"It feels so different when you're representing the country. It's pressure, happiness and excitement at the same time. It's such [a] heavy weight on my shoulders because not only is the Philippines watching; the whole world is watching."
Good luck Megan!


Will Megan be our first Miss World? It's all a matter of Destiny, Timing and Luck

Let's see how this will play out in the next few weeks as I update you with Megan's journey towards the blue Miss World crown

Here is Megan Young's Miss World Introduction Video

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