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Who Wants To Be A Dragon Boat Paddler in Bohol?


The exhilarating adrenalin rush. The pulsating heartbeat. The synchronized and rhythmic paddling of the teammates as try to achieve harmony, balance and unison in an exciting race down the wire

Welcome to the exciting world of dragon boating! The sport has attracted a steadily growing number of enthusiasts here in Bohol

L-R: Rey, Dobap & your blogger

And so in response to the mounting queries regarding membership requirements and to address pressing matters in the world of dragon boating in Bohol, , your blogger was able to corner and sit down with Dominic “Dobap” Aparicio and Rey Tirol, the very busybodies of Bohol Paddlers, inc. (BPAi) as they took turns answering my questions

It was an informal chitchat at their club headquarters along K of C Promenade

Can you tell us more about Bohol Paddlers’ Association, Inc?
Bohol Paddlers’ association Inc better known as BPAi is the umbrella organization for all paddling enthusiasts here in Bohol. 
Under the organization are groups of dragon boat enthusiasts, kayak paddlers, stand-up paddlers (SUP) and the local bigiw paddlers. Hopefully, sculling will be introduced also BPAi has been around for quite some time already but it is only now that it has generated some media buzz partly because of the sudden popularity of dragon boating in Bohol
# 1 Who can join the BPAi? 

Minimum age requirement is 12 years old, male or female and must be physically fit. 
One can join either as individual member and later look for a team within BPAi to join in OR register as a team with a minimum of 12 members. 
There is a one- time team registration fee of P1, 500 The ideal number for a team is 16 members. The team is composed of one steerer/ navigator, one drummer, 10 paddlers and four reserved
# 2 Is the sport expensive?
 Get the ultimate high! Enlist now

“Dili jud” (of course not) The most basic would be the following: sleeveless outfit or tank top, cycling shorts, beach footwear, sunglasses or shades for protection from the glare of the sun. 
Don’t forget your sunblock with SPF 50, lip balm and water bottle. Gloves are optional

Regular- priced paddles can be had for as low as P1,800.

For those who can afford the top- of- the line carbon fiber paddles, prices start at P20,000 
# 3 Does BPAi accept members who are non- swimmers? 

Of course, “bisan kinsa makaapil” (anyone can join)
We would prefer swimmers but it is not really a requirement and besides, the club provides every paddler with a life vest as a safety precaution 
# 4 So what else is required for those who are interested to join?

Potential members have to be team players for this sport is basically about group dynamics and interpersonal skills. Being the best paddler is not enough.

One has to be open- minded and must know how to cooperate 
# 5 So can brand- new members just show up at Caingget Beach, board the dragon boat and just paddle away?

Depends on the member’s exposure and experience with dragon boating.
Everyone is required though to join the Land Training & Physical Conditioning Training Sessions followed by regular practice sessions on most mornings at Caingget Beach 
After we wrapped up the short interview, I became more and more interested in joining especially when Rey and Dobap told me that it’s the perfect cardiovascular exercise plus it teaches dragon boaters the art of mental and physical discipline

So what are you waiting for?

For any questions and clarifications, just email your blogger or leave a message at my blog’s comment section

Happy Paddling!

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