Saturday, September 28, 2013

Smear Campaign Against Megan Revealed

 Miss Philippines World Natl Director Cory Quirino w/ Megan

In a disturbing development, ABQ has received news that there is a plot against a Megan Young and her chances of victory at the Miss World 2013 beauty tilt which is set to culminate tomorrow, Sept. 28 Saturday.

Cory Quirino, the National Directress of Miss World Philippines sent this text to me:

JOYCE I NEED YOUR SUPPORT. this is my statement- There has been a smear campaign by a negligible sector of the Ph pageant industry to destroy Megan’s chances for a win in MISS WORLD.  
In Bali the mood and aura around Megan is positive and promising. I believe Mrs Julia Morley has explicitly answered this one relentless Anti Miss World Ph person/group to stop emailing the Miss World office as they are proud of all the candidates including Megan. 
My request to all our countrymen is to consider the honor the Miss World Crown will bring to the country. 
Lets join hands now to prove that the Bayanihan spirit is strong, alive and above all, genuine.

I think I know who this person/group is. If I’m right they are the ones who have been tweeting nasty tweets about our candidate but Cory won’t confirm who this person is. 

She also has not confirmed exactly what this person/group is bringing against Megan Young. 

Whatever it is, if  Julia Morley (founder of Miss World) has responded to these emails and has kept Megan Young in the pageant (she has even ranked in the Top 11 of the Beach Fashion and Top 10 of the Top Model Challenge Events) then these people should just stop.

What saddens me is that there are hate-mongers EVEN in beauty pageants. 

Even sadder is that they are Filipinos hating their own kababayan.

All I can say is this: Laban, Pilipinas! 

Go Megan and win that crown!


Joyce Ann Burton is the blogging beauty queen. She is the 1985 Bb Pilipinas Universe and the 1981 Miss Young Philippines. 

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