Monday, September 16, 2013

Beautiful Lies. Ugly Truths

Through the years and along the way, I have picked up some life lessons on Looks, Lust & Love.

Here are some of them


how do I look?

 1. Oiliness is next to ugliness

2. Parents are the worst liars. They would always tell us
      we're beautiful and handsome no matter what

3. Insecure people should avoid the company of beautiful & successful people

4. How you look is a matter of taste & preference.
      You can never be sexy enough or skinny enough.
      People would always have different opinions on how you look. So don’t fret

5. How do most men compensate for their lack of height either up here or down there?
     Very simple actually. With an overload of swagger and arrogance


1. The most beautiful are the most boring in bed.
    They mistakenly believe that their only contribution
    to lovemaking is their beautiful selves and that all they
    have to do is lie there and wait until you get it over with

2. The merits of cajoling, the use of bargaining skills, the powers of persuasion
     the subtle hints of bribery & emotional blackmail are
     best appreciated when trying to bed somebody

3. A relationship that is based on sexual chemistry is exciting, ecstatic and exhilarating
    but short- lived


1. Love isn’t Blind
    We just refuse to open our eyes to reality

2. Admit it or not but we have the least control of
    our mental & rational selves when we are madly in love

3. The best foundation for a successful lifetime relationship is friendship.
    When the embers of passion & the heat of ardor eventually grows cold and dies,
     we can always rely on that friendship & companionship to see us through as we
     travel through old age together

Can you share yours?

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